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What Can You Eat On A Keto Diet, Water Diet, What Is A Good Healthy Diet Plan, Slimming Tablets (Non Stimulating) LA Premier Group. en angrily said You dare to attack the Ordos tribe, the tribe of Alatan Khan, and Water Diet the tribe of the descendants of the Golden Family. I think your emperor s face doesn t care about you, you have to make an inch. Da Khan knows. After this incident, my Mongolian four hundred thousand control The stringed people Water Diet will need to loose weight in a week surely turn your Central Plains into our pasture. No matter what you want me to do, I will never agree to it. Zhou Yuji smiled and said Listening to Jinong s weight loss drinks patanjali tone, it seemed that Jinong had won the battle. My emperor asked you to give up the Hetao, the land of our ancestors, and your Lin Danhan personally said that we should pick it up. Now that we are free, do you think your profligate will fight Daming for this Do you think if you go to war, you will win Wang Zuomin said Back then when my Taizu emperor expelled Er et al. Er et al were more than 400,000 string controlling men. Zhou Yuji said We asked Jinong to make a statement, willing to leave the Mongols and Water Diet become a part of Ming. If possible, our emperor is willing to make Jinong the Hou of Shunyi, the land of Hetao in Yongzhen. At the time, Alatan Khan was the fourth generation ancestor of Peerzhijin Erlinchen and was named the King of Shunyi by the Ming Dynasty. Now that the Ming Dynasty is willing to make him a Hou of Shunyi, it is considered very good. Zhijin Erlin said If you want Slimming Capsules Water Diet Energy Booster to make me a marquise, your emperor can make a decree, so why bother to do it like this So you want me to leave Mongolia. Do you think my descendants of the golden family will leave Mongolia No need to think about it. Zhou Yuji smiled and Water Diet said It doesn t matter, Jinong think about it first. I think there will always be people in Jinong s family who are willing to cooperate with us. At that time, Jinong can go to death. Come, take him down, watch him carefully, and immediately kill Water Diet him if he wants to escape. Boerzhijin Birzhijin Erinchen was a little panicked now, but he knew that his younger brother Gu Yisu had always coveted his seat in Jinong Jinong is Vice Khanif Ming people go When he finds him, he will agree immediately. By lose weight not eating meat that time, not only will his life be unsafe, but his sons, wives and concubines, and the ranch property will become the property of the bones. More importantly, his persistence is meaningless. He started shouting that he was willing to weight out of control surrender, but after thinking about it, he still didn t say anything. When he thought about it, his ready made Jicheng is always stronger than the bones and speed of Taiji, so he should be more reserved. Mingren should value himself more. The suppression of the entire Ordos tribe has been basically completed, and all the nobles have been concentrated in a yurt. Xue Boling said to Zhou Yuji Erin Chen s three younger brothers and two sons have been captured, as well as his wife. Our army only slightly injured a few in the battle, killing a total of about 100 Mongols who resisted. Zhou Yuji nodded and said That s good, we have more than 100 brothers who died, and more than 300 people were seriously injured, and even more minor injuries. It is not enough to enlist the Mongolian tents and give them to the military doctors. You can camp first. This will become the center of the loop in the future. We will be stationed here for a while At that time, when this place stabilizes, we will head northeast and become naturalized, and our first phase goal will be completed. Xue Boling asked Would you like to bring up those Taiji and see Water Diet if there are any willing to surrender. If so, we can just leave it out. Zhou Yuji said Before coming, the General Staff said that it is best if E Linchen can submit. If he insists on not submitting, then he can find other people and see if he is willing. The two sons of Elinchen are young, so Zhou Yuji first brought up Elinchen s three y

recommended weight loss pillsounger brothers and said I, Emperor Ming, intends to implement Han Mongolian co governance in the Hetao area. I need a Water Diet leader. I don t know. Are low cost weight loss programs you interested in Taiji The oldest bone among the three also said quickly General Daming, my bones are also willing to return to Daming quickly, and protect the place in the loop for Daming. Others are very shrewd, knowing that the order of the first two words in the Chinese Mongolian co Water Diet governance is very important, so they don t mention cooperation at all, and they are directly willing to submit to Water Diet Daming. Seeing that he is so knowledgeable and interesting, Zhou Yuji nodded. The two were a step late and did not want to show weakness, and both expressed their willingness to submit to Daming. After they stepped back, Zhou Yuji said, In fact, if they were separated, it might be better. But this is a matter for the Ministry of War. We just need to make a suggestion. The decision is in the hands of the emperor and cabinet. Xue Boling said In fact, it s best to get rid lose weight and gain muscle macros of all of them and let them kill each other. It s best not to leave Mongols in the Hetao. Wang Zuomin said In some places in Hetao, grazing is more suitable than farming, and the emperor did not say that meat eating people are always more aggressive than food eating people. In the future, Hetao will become our base for ketogenic accelerator clicks the Northern Expedition, and the Mongolians will raise cattle and sheep for us. It s also good. Zhang Xunchen said coldly There are no herdsmen in the south of the Yellow River. If we want to eat meat, Water Diet we can first occupy the naturalized city, and then use it as the center Water Diet to exchange with the Mongols or grab it directly. They have robbed us for so many years, what is the problem with us robbing them. Zhou Yuji said It is impossible for Lin Danhan to watch us seize the loop, so now we must first stabilize the hearts of the Mongols here. What I am worried about now is General Du Guangting, General Xue, your department will quickly naturalize to deal with Water Diet possible Mongol attacks. General Zhang went to the east and stationed along the Yellow River to prevent the Chahar from coming. First guard the Yellow River line. The General Staff said that there will be reinforcements and will support them from the water. I don t have much hope for this. The Yellow River is no more than a canal. We cannot pin our hopes on reinforcements. Although Chahar s right wing let the Ming army go over, it immediately passed the news that the Ming army was going to attack the Ordos army to the city of Wachartucha. Lin Danhan didn t think that the Ming army actually went to retrieve the loop by himself. He immediately Send someone to best broccoli recipes Xuanfu to question Sun Chengzong. Sun Chengzong said to the messenger in amazement Didn t the Great Khan let us take the place of the Loop Why are you asking me again The messenger asked for a bit of fun and fastest way to lose weight in a day reported it to is it possible to lose 3 pounds a week Lin Danhan. At this time, the Ming army defeated the Zhungeer tribe. The news of crossing the Yellow River has also come. Lin Dan Khan had already summoned the leaders of the various Mongolian ministries to discuss countermeasures, but the leaders of the various ministries had different opinions on how to deal with this matter. The Horqin Department has a large population and is located in the west of Daxinganling and east of Hulunbuir. Horqin is also divided into left and right wings. The left wing has 70,000 households and the right wing has 60,000 households. Therefore, there has always been 200,000 Horqin. They used to get very close to Houjin. After Houjin was destroyed, they turned to worry that Daming would retaliate, so they have been very active to move closer to Daming. Especially after the daughter of Horqin Jinongzhaisang was named the eldest princess by Daming and married to Mangui, the Horqin people did


ketogenic-diet-lab-monitoring not pay much attention to Lin Danhan. Zhaisang Water Diet said to Daming last time that he could help them. Regain the Loop Area. Of course, given the distance between Horqin and Hetao, this kind of assistance is obviously impossible to send troops to help out. Then Zhai Sang felt that it was time to fulfill his promise to Daming. Zhai Sang said I heard that Daming once asked the Great Khan to let the Ordos tribe vacate the Hetao area. What the Great Khan replied at that time was to let it go. Is there such a thing Taiji went into chaos. Ordos was the Water Diet head of how can i lose my belly pooch fast the right wing 30,000 households. Lin Dan Khan ruled Chahar Wan households and was the leader of the Mongol Communist Party. He even asked the Ming army to take Ordos by himself. In their opinion, It is betrayal. Lin Danhan was embarrassed. He didn t want to offend Daming that day, so he cut off the road to the mutual market, so he chose Sun Chengzong for himself. Whether there is dissatisfaction with Ordos is actually doubtful, but of course he will not admit it, so he said At the time, I just didn t want Ming to hold the handle, so I dodge it. I didn t expect Ming to be brave. It diet plans quick weight loss s so big, that s why I called everyone Water Diet to discuss the matter of Mingren. The words of the fastest update came out, and the leaders felt cold. The Minister of Horqin Department Oba said Since Da Khan said this to the Ming people, then we are going back and forth in the Ordos Department when we send troops, and we will be ridiculed. Auba once led the Horqin ministries to Taiji and the post golden punishment Baima Wu Niu. The pledge was to use the power of Houjin to get rid of Lin Danhan s control. Now that Houjin is gone, Horqin has approached the more powerful Daming, and the renunciation with Chahar has become even stronger. How can he help Lin Danhan foods to eat when you are on a diet to attack the Ming army Lin Danhan inherited the throne of Khan in the 32nd year of Wanli, when he was only thirteen years old. The Horqin, Nekarka, Tumote, and Ordos tribes in Monan are in their own right, and the Mongolian Water Diet Khan can only control Liaohetao. The Chahar Ministry was only regarded as the nominal co master by the Monan tribes. By the forty third year of Wanli, he had conquered all the Monan tribes, and joined forces with Zorik Tuhunbatulu, the leader of the five Nekarkha tribes, to invade the Ming Dynasty. The right of mutual market in the Ming Dynasty greatly boosted his prestige. But all this changed greatly in the 45th year of Wanli. In this year, under the persuasion of the Tibetan Sakya monk Shaer Hutuktu, Lin Dan Khan was converted from the Yellow Sect Gelu Sect to the Red Sect. Kapai. At this time, after decades of dissemination of the Yellow Sect in Mongolia, it has become deeply entrenched. The sudden conversion of Lin Dan Khan undoubtedly intensified the centrifugal force of the Mongolian tribes who believed in the Yellow Sect against the great sweat. Nekalka has always been in good relations with Daming, especially when he was forced to form an alliance by Nurhachi during the rise of Houjin, but he has always communicated with Daming. Unlike in history, in this time and space, Lin Water Diet Danhan has not yet annexed the Chaohua Department, and the five Nekarkhas are still intact. Moreover, with Sun Chengzong s efforts, they have become dissatisfied with Chahar, thinking about what Sun Chengzong promised. This Water Diet kind of lose weight quickly cycling benefit, the butt will naturally sit on Daming s side. Chaohua said Our immediate man, since we said it, we can t go back. Nekarka dare not do this with Da lose weight and gain muscle macros Khan, and I ask Da Khan to consider how Daming would treat the king s move. Chief Tumed. Bu Shitu is the fourth generation Shunyi king. Although his envoy did not speak, at least it can be seen that he will not support Lin Danhan. So now only Chahar is willing to listen to Lin Danhan. There are eight Otok

how to lose 5 pounds in 4 days tribes in Chahar. If you want to deal Water Diet with healthy weight loss plans Daming with this strength, Lin Danhan himself has no bottom. But what if there is no bottom Ordos was attacked by the Ming Dynasty. If the Mongolian Communist leader does not do anything, then Monan Mongolia will fall apart. Don t say anything about the control of 400,000 yuan, can you keep Chahar s rule I am afraid that the status is hard to say. In fact, Ordos has never obeyed Lin Danhan s orders, and has become a de facto independent. In Lin Danhan s mind, he wanted to die, but death in his own hands and death in the hands of Daming were completely different. He didn t want the Ming army to Slimming Capsules Water Diet Energy Booster break into the loop and threaten the local things and even Chahar. Lin Danhan s plan to gather all ministries to deal with Daming went bankrupt, but he couldn t let it go anyway, at least to make one gesture, so he ordered the four Ordos close to the Ordos tribe and prepared to send troops lose weight by not eating chocolate to the Ordos tribe. At this time, the report came from outside, and Sun Chengzong sent an envoy. Lin Danhan said irritably Let him come in. The messenger Water Diet entered the account boldly, and said to Lin Danhan Da Ming cabinet minister, general Xuan Da Shanxi and Shaanxi military governor Sun Chengzong said Foreign ministers wanted big Water Diet twice. Khan mediates disputes between Daming and OrdosDa Khan refused because he could not control Ordos, and stated that Daming would take the place of the Loop. The Emperor Daming specially ordered Water Diet the Daming Northern Military Region Water Diet and the Water Diet Northwest Military Region to enter the Hetao ketogenic diet food list area to persuade the Ordos tribe. Now, with the consent of the Ordos Wanhubeizhijin Erin Jinong, the two sides have decided to cooperate in the Hetao area. Since then, the Ordos Ministry formally joined Daming and left Mongolia. Lin Danhan was shocked and had never encountered such a thing. Even when Horqin formed an alliance with Houjin, he did not say that he would leave Mongolia and join Houjin. Now Ordos even shouted out the words of leaving lose weight with fasting Mongolia and joining Daming, if not. In response, all ministries except Chahar will soon follow suit. The leaders of the other ministries are focusing on the two military regions to persuade Ordos. The two military regions are convinced that this is indeed big enough. After being persuaded, it seems that the stability of the Loop will be broken. The other ministries are fine, but the envoy of the Tumed Ministry is worried, the loop is lost, and the next step is Tumed. The envoy said that After he finished, he bowed his hand to everyone and walked out. Lin Danhan even forgot to stop. After a while, someone came to report that the messenger of the Ordos Ministry came. The messenger of Ordos was a close friend of Elinchen and his wife. Brother Lieguhantaiji. He touched his chest to meet Lin Danhan and said The Ordos minister ordered me to tell Chahar Khan that Ordos officially left Chahar Khan. From fitramean weight loss pill then on, everyone will go their own way. Tao. Lin Danhan said angrily Ordos dare not obey the command of the Great Khan, but does he regard the Golden Family as nothing Leguhan said slo