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Posted on 2020-08-20

What Is Keto Diet, Keto Pills By Keto Caps Best Offer Deal Soup Diet, Best Diet To Lose Fat, LA Premier Group. r. The princess sent her again weight loss pill thermogenic the next afternoon. Zhu Youxiao s hometown dim sum, so in the evening Zhu Youxiao was the third groom. On the third night, he went directly to Kunning Palace and looked at the face that had been away for more than ten years after more than ten days. Can t help but miss how much weight can i lose the heart, hug her tightly in his arms, never want to let go. From then on, he stayed in Zhang Yan palace most of the night, even if she was not in the safety period, he would hold her together Fall asleep, and then go to the other two concubine s wombs twice a month. The three women in the harem are loved and moisturized by the emperor, and they are in a good mood and look Soup Diet more beautiful, and the three are in harmony and love sisters. There is no palace fighting drama happening. On May 28th of the first year of Tianqi, the Liaodong Martyrs Shrine was initially completed. The temple enshrines soldiers who have sacrificed for the country since the Liaodong War, and those who died in the Soup Diet battle of Fushun. Zhang Chengyin, Chief Soldier of Ningyuan, Commander Qian Wang, Xuedao, Tang Yaoshun, and others, to Chen Ce, Qin Bangping and others in the last battle of Liaoshen, whether it is Chief Soldier or Minor, as long as they can know their names, they will stand. The main card Soup Diet of God, above Write down the place of origin, official title and name, and enshrine them according to different death battles. There is Soup Diet a long road outside the Martyrs Shrine. There are some stone statues kneeling on both sides of the long Soup Diet road. Behind the stone statues is a stone pillar with official title, name, birthplace and father s name written on it. From the guerrilla Li Yongfang in the Battle of Fushun, the Chinese a ketogenic amino acids is one which degrades to Army Zhao Yihe to Liaoyang Ma Chenglin in the battle is among them. There are also large Dietary Supplement Soup Diet Advanced Keto Burn Diet Pills areas of open space for those who surrender to the enemy or who will not fight. The Martyrs Shrine is guarded by Jinyi Guards, and there are people dedicated to offering sacrifices every day, and the people of the country are allowed to go there on their own. Since the day it was built, a large number of people of all kinds have come to remember the sages and scold the traitors every day. The Jingying Soup Diet camp also specially organized the battalion groups to go to sacrifices and swear an oath in front of the heroic god s main card. The final conclusion was All for the Ming and all for the emperor. And together they saluted the military. It has been more than half a year since the restructuring of the Beijing battalion, with a total of six infantry battalions, four cavalry battalions, and two artillery battalions. Those who have not picked up the right soldiers are included in the barracks, so there are now 15,085 soldiers, 9,700 war horses, and more than 10,000 horses. After such a long period of training, all the soldiers have already practiced the use of short guns and flintlocks. Because at the end of May, the Army Fighting Bureau had completed the manufacture of fifteen thousand bayonet flintlocks, so now every soldier has a new style of firecrackers, and cavalry is equipped with a saber in keto diet healthy for heart addition to the firecrackers. Military law is memor

lose weight by drinking water onlyized by every soldier, especially some changes have been made to the military law during combat of course, if the drum is not advanced, and the gold best meal ever recipe is not retreated, of course, it is cut, and when a soldier cuts the head level in a war, it must be cut, and retreat in a war. A team retreats and cuts the captain, the captain does not retreat and cuts the whole keto diet work book team, chaos in a random array, and cuts when he retreats in war, and cuts when he picks up objects in battle. Anyway, if you let you charge, you will charge. Retreat, otherwise cut cut cut Various codes of practice have been worked out. The rules of the code of conduct are extremely detailed, such as how to apply medicine when encountering an enemy, how to listen to the how to loose fat around your waist transmission of a password, and even how to repair fortifications when setting up a camp, and how to repair the toilet. Soldiers are most afraid of military judges. After making mistakes and being caught, although the general punishment is not serious, being punished for flushing Soup Diet the toilet is very shameful. Yang Guangkui is now Soup Diet in charge, mainly responsible for training troops. During training, Luqin took four cavalry battalions, Yang Guanggao took three infantry Soup Diet battalions and one artillery battalion, and Zhou Yuji took the other three infantry battalions and one artillery battalion. Now the basic spearmanship training has been completed, but every soldier has spearmanship training tasks every day. According to the diet to lose weight and gain muscle combat training results, half of the soldiers received the second level medal for assassination, and all officers received the second level medal. In addition to this, the soldiers have to undergo strict queue training. When training a little bit ahead or behind others, the judge s stick will hit the body. Zhu Youxiao stipulated that the military can only hit farts during corporal punishment So when starting training, many Soup Diet people can only sleep on their stomachs. But the effect is also excellent. When Zhu Youxiao went to review the queue, on Soup Diet flat ground, the largest gap how to lose 2 pound in a week between a row of soldiers was less than half ketogenic asian recipes a foot, and when passing through complex terrain, it was less than a foot. He is already very satisfied. As long as the battle does not affect the formation, he thinks it will be fine. It is really unnecessary to draw a ruler and measure like later generations. He wants soldiers that can fight, not soldiers who want to act. He once asked Zhou Yuji to let the soldiers rush into the river when he called the import order, fall down the steep slope or something, and then beat the hesitant soldiers violently. However, during the inspection, a group of soldiers fell directly when the forward command did not stop. After Soup Diet descending a five foot high dirt slope, there was no slight pause in his footsteps, and he immediately got up and continued to move forward after he fell. The coordinated training between the various units of the Beijing camp is being explored. Zhu Youxiao told them that if they don t blindfold the horses and use flint and flamboyant bayonets to form a spear Soup Diet formation, if there is a gap between the spear formations, the warhorse He will not hit the gun array


losing-weight-by-eating-just-fruits-and-vegetables , but will run through trimming belly fat fast the gap. This is what he saw in a documentary in his previous life. Yang Guangkui and the others didn t believe it, so they conducted a test. As a result, the cavalry forced the horse into the gun array, Soup Diet and the horse would automatically avoid it. While flattering, they immediately revised and improved the infantry maneuver code in response to this point. It is different from the six row dense formation prescribed for the enemy infantry in the combat code. When facing the enemy cavalry, each division should form diet to lose weight and gain muscle a horizontal, twelve, and nine rows. In the phalanx Soup Diet of the column, ten men were responsible for the task of making up the knife. Leave enough space between the squares for horses to pass. Anyway, there are various types of arms. It s very easy for everyone to practice with infantry or cavalry. It just hurts a few at the beginning. Fortunately, there is no danger to life. Later, after the training requirements were added to the exercise code, Injuries rarely occur, and even occasional injuries are just minor injuries. If you put it out and look at it, everyone still looks alike, but Luqin, anti obesity medication otc Zhou Yuji and others believe that training is different from confrontation with the enemy. They usually remember everything. When confronting the enemy, they forget everything because of tension. So they proposed It must be trained in battle. But where do you go to fight Is it going to Liaodong Could it be to deliver vegetables to wild boar skins But it seems that there hasn t been any Li Zicheng s uprising lately, Soup Diet no, it s up to the rebellion. Moreover, the Ming Dynasty was different from the Song Dynasty. There were no large groups of bandits like Liang Shanpo on the mountain. This was a troublesome matter, and there was no target for military training. If Chongzhen knew that he was worried about such a thing, he would be pissed to death. Lu Qin said General Qin Liangyu was led by an edict to help Liao with white soldiers. It is better to ask how to loose belly fat in a week her to take a look at the situation of our Beijing camp and give some opinions. This name was seen in the memorial last time. Lu Qin had some impressions when he said it, so he asked Who is this General Qin Liangyu, please tell me in detail. Lu Qin said Your Majesty, General Qin Liangyu was originally the wife of Shi Ling Xuan comfort envoy Ma Qiancheng. Courageous and intelligent, good at riding and shooting, also good at writing, with a demure and elegant posture, marching and commanding soldiers, and giving orders. In the twenty seventh year of Wanli, Yang Yinglong was in trouble in Bozhou, and the two led soldiers Soup Diet to follow Li Hualong to conquer. In the twenty eighth year, he even broke through the enemy s eight villages and killed Yang Yinglong, making him the No. 1 On Nanchuan Road. In the 41st year of Wanli, Ma Qiancheng was falsely accused by the eunuch Qiu Chengyun and died in Yunyang prison. Qin Liangyu So he led the position of Ma Qiancheng. Last how to eat fat year, the court ordered Qin Liangyu to send troops to assist. Qin Liangyu sent his brother Qin Bangping, and his younger brother Qin Minping led four thousand people to go first. This year, the brother

slim stick diet of General Qin who died in the Battle of Hunhe was the brother of General Qin. The soldiers led by the generals were called white soldiers. They were very disciplined and extremely brave. They were especially good Dietary Supplement Soup Diet Advanced Keto Burn Diet Pills at mountain battles. It was the white soldiers who killed thousands of slaves in the Battle of Hunhe. If you let General Qin see Let s take a look at our Beijing a ketogenic diet camp and point out our shortcomings. It should be of great help. Oh, I see, female general, awesome Luqin said this, making Zhu You school remember that he had heard of this in his previous life. Female Soup Diet generals, it turns out that they are also in this era, so take a good look at what it looks like. Where is General Qin now General Qin asked Qin Bangping and the others to go first, and he prepared some food and grass behind him. Now he is just near Tongzhou and will be heading to Shanhaiguan. Your Majesty can let her come to see you, just to let her see. We are in Beijing. Lu Qin s admired tone made Zhu You a profound interest in proofreading Qin Liangyu, and he also remembered more things. I saw in a book in my previous life that this female general seemed to be the only one in history. As a woman who was an independent biography of a famous dynasty, she was recorded in the biography of the hero in the history books, instead of being recorded Soup Diet in The Legend of the Fierce Woman like other women. Of course, such a heroine must diet regiment meet. So he immediately made an order and summoned Qin Liangyu to come in. When I returned to the palace to chat with the queen in the evening, Zhang Yan said, The Soup Diet emperor, the concubine also wants to meet this female general. I think Concubine Duan should also want to see her. I have heard her say it several times. Duan Ying was born in a general and also has martial arts. It is normal to admire Qin Soup Diet Liangyu, so how to lose period weight gain Zhu Youxiao promised to talk to her after meeting Qin Liangyu. After the early morning of the next day, Zhu Youxiao met with Qin Liangyu. Qin Liangyu was in his forties, but he seemed to be in his early thirties. He was tall and beautiful. After seeing the ceremony, Wang Tiqian came out holding the imperial decree, and Qin Liangyu knelt down to listen to the decree Feng Shiling declared that Qin Liangyu was the third rank imperial wife and gave the third rank official uniform. His husband Ma Qiancheng presented the title as the governor s affair, and his son Ma Xiang Lin is the commander. Qin Bangping was loyal to the country, and he was given the title of the governor s affair. His Soup Diet descendants were hereditary, and Qin Minping fought bravely and entered the capital. Give thirty thousand taels of silver and five Soup Diet thousand pieces of Soup Diet cloth. Qin Liangyu knelt on the ground and knelt to thank you, tears flowed out as soon as he opened his mouth. Her husband died in prison keto diet keto because of a false accusation from the eunuch, and keto diet recipes nz free her brother died in the Battle of Hunhe. Although she would not resent the court, she still felt a little uncomfortable after all. Now that the emperor is so rewarding, she finally feels that the court has not forgotten her credit, the credit of her brothers, then what they did is no longer meaningle