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Weight Loss Supplement Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet, Will You Lose Weight By Not Eating Meat, Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet , Weight Loss God S Way Program. ers thanked the great Khan s grace, they said The most important thing now is the old Khan s burial. Please choose a good place for the shaman. Lao Khan was buried, and then a decisive battle with the Ming army. Yue Tuo said Da Khan, the Ming army likes to advertise that he is a teacher of benevolence and righteousness. We can complain to them Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet about the old Khan and ask them not to move their swords during the funeral. We can take the opportunity to collect the lost men in Shenyang. Looking for rations to prepare for a battle with the Ming army. Amin also said This is a good thing. In this way, we can get a respite. The meaning of what he said is unclear, but it makes people lose 1 lb per week think that Nurhachi s death is a good thing, which aroused the dissatisfaction of Nurhachi s Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet sons. Especially Dorgon gave him a fierce look. His brother Jierhalang quickly Rounding off the scene If the Ming army really promises not to move the swordsman, it is really a good thing for my Daikin. Suo Tuo asked in disbelief Will Ming Jun really agree to be so stupid Yue Tuo said The commander of the Ming army opposite is a bachelor. The scholars of the Ming Dynasty like this one the most. After everyone discussed some specific matters related to the burial and peace, everyone separated first. As soon as Shuo Tuo came back, they worriedly told Yang San the news. Yang San smiled and said, Taiji rest assured, Lu Bachelor is not pedantic Sir, I m afraid that Yue Tobele s ideas will fall through. Suo Tuo patted his chest and let go of his heart. He was afraid that the Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Ming army would be in a trick, and he would not be able to quickly drag his sweaty father from his sweat position. Later, the envoy of Jin reported the funeral came to Liaoyang, and Lu Xiangsheng himself Receiving, the messenger s request for a temporary lose 2 pounds a week truce, he fully agreed. He also said that Ming Ren would send someone to express his condolences, which made the messenger overjoyed, repeatedly expressed gratitude, and promised to entertain Ming Ren. After the messenger left, General Lu Xiangsheng The generals summoned and said The old slave is dead. Today, the whole city of Daqing cannot help drinking. Tomorrow will rest, and the Japanese soldiers will be sent to Shenyang. Soon the news of Nurhachi s death spread to every corner of Liaoyang, cheers and firecrackers rang everywhere. Nurhachi rose up against the Ming with seven hatreds in the forty sixth year of Wanli, and it Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet has healthy diet jillian michaels been seven years. During these seven years, I don t know how many Han people were killed by Jian slaves and how many people were taken into slavery by Jian slaves. Nurhachi s anti Ming history is the history of blood and tears of Han people in Liaodong, and also the history of blood and tears of Han people in Daming. Now this old slave finally died, how many people were Weeping in front of the relatives, tell them the good news. That night, Liaoyang became a sea of joy, Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet and everyone cried and laughed, venting the accumulated anger and happiness Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet in Limited Time Offer Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Trusted By Celebrities their hearts. Two days later, the rested Ming army stayed behind One brigade guarded Liaoyang, and all the indian keto diet plan vegetarian without eggs other troops headed towards Shenyang. It took two days on the road. When the Ming Army Chen Bing was outside Shenyang City, the astonished Daishan found the same astonished messenger and asked angrily They didn t agree to suspend troops. Is it Why are you attacking Shenyang again The messenger was also baffled, and repeated the whole process in detail. Dai Shan said Go and ask Ming Ren for treachery. The messenger hurriedly rode out of the city to see Lu Xiangsheng and said The scholar personally agreed that the two sides suspended the swordsmanship, and came to Shenyang again for some reason Is it true that Ming people are accustomed to speaking without believing Lu Xiangsheng smiled and said We agreed that day, the

weight loss calculator university two sides will not use swords and soldiers until your family s sweat is buried. We didn t mean to attack Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Shenyang. The messenger said, Then so many of you come to Shenyang, are you here to express condolences Lu Xiangsheng smiled and said Yes, didn t we talk to the messenger Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet that day We will send people to Shenyang to express our condolences, and today is to weight loss is slow fulfill our promise. The messenger promised to entertain us well, and even the city wouldn t let us in. I m afraid it s you who didn t believe it. The messenger said Whose condolences to so many people Lu Xiangsheng said My Han family has always treated people with courtesy and how to lose 1 pound a day without exercise Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet acted according to etiquette. There are not many people. How can we show our sincerity There are more than 20,000 people in the two divisions of our Guards. They all want to be in front of your family. Laugh three times. Everyone wanted to come. I couldn t stop it. So many people came in the end. I just want to trouble you to entertain. The messenger knew it would be useless to talk any moreHad to go to the city to report to Daishan. Daishan s face was pale. He knew that with the current strength of Shenyang Houjin, the guards with siege artillery could not be prevented. Amin said, The Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Khan has not been buried yet. At this 3 month weight loss plan time, our army is sad. The Han people have a saying that the Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet soldiers will win. We can take this opportunity to fight Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet the Ming army. Dai Shan smiled bitterly Under the artillery, I m afraid it s not necessarily because the soldiers will win. It s strange that Lu Xiangsheng would not be fooled. When the sweat passed away, I had sent someone to the Ming Dynasty s capital to report the funeral and handed over the form. I just hope that time is too late, the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. It can prevent Lu Xiangsheng from attacking Shenyang. Yue Tuo secretly murmured, whether Jianzhou s messenger had passed through Shanhaiguan now is still unclear. Even if the Ming Dynasty decided to let Jianzhou Yima go after discussion, it would be at least ten years after Jianzhou surrendered. A few days later. With this time, Lu Xiangsheng was already enough to turn Shenyang over. Du Du stepped forward and said I m afraid that time is too late. Let s prepare with both hands. One is to transport the sweat coffin out of Shenyang first, and the other is to fight the Ming army first. Say, you can t flee without fighting. Yue Tuo said I ll meet Lu Xiangsheng first, and see if I can convince him to postpone the attack time, so we can make some preparations. Daishan is now very dependent on Zhongyue. Tuo keto friendly coffee creamer options said worriedly What if they detain you Yue Tuo sighed inwardly, Father Khan was always confused. Lu Xiangsheng has the advantage, how can he detain himself at this time He replied Father Khan, don t worry, Lu Xiangsheng will not do this. He doesn t want to summon our courage at this time and will definitely let the child come back. Dai Shan was relieved. Yue Tuo rode out of Shenyang and came to the Ming army. Lu Xiangsheng asked him to bring him in, and said as soon as they met, Yueto Belle, your hospitality would not be closed doors. We came here to express our condolences, not to mention tea and drinks, we should always let us in. Yue Tuo smiled and said You can t hold swords and guns in condolences. Your country is a country of etiquette. Is condolences like this Lu Xiangsheng also smiled We can not take swords and guns. Fortunately, let your grandfather make a sound, as it is to set off firecrackers. This is our custom, you should know about Baylor. Yue Tuo the most effective exercise to lose belly fat laughed and said, Maybe Ming State has this custom, but our Jianzhou condolences are not letting firecrackers. Yes, so I don t need to take the firecracker. Lu Xiangsheng laughed and said Baylor said well, new weight loss diet Jianzhou condolences do not release firecrackers, but now it s not in Jianzhou, it s


chicken-lose-weight in Shenyangwei, Shenyangwei is the land of the Ming family. It s not the place of Jianzhou. Yue Tuo lowered his head and said Yue Tuo also knows that it is self inflicted to argue with Xueshi Lu. It s just that I have a funeral in Jianzhou. Can you please wait until we finish the funeral before you say anything else Man Gui smiled beside him Since If you don t want to fight over words, let s see the truth under your hands. You have funerals in Jianzhou, please go back to Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Jianzhou to cry. When I have funerals every day in Liaodong, I have never seen you let the people of Liaodong finish their funerals. Instead, they continue to create funerals, even the people of Liaodong who have already submitted to you. It s ridiculous to go hand in hand, but tell us something at this time. Yue Tuo suddenly fell to his knees and said Bachelor Lu, only need a five day grace period and wait for us to die for the old Khan. Five days later, Jianzhou listened to what the bachelor wanted to do. Please Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet do not force Jianzhou weight loss is slow to carry the coffin Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet and fight. Lu Xiangsheng said with a solemn expression Tomorrow noon, I will enter Shenyang City. Yue Tobele, I don t talk about entering the city today. It is already on your knees. It is useless to say more, please. Yue Tuo s face was pale. He didn t expect Lu Xiangsheng to be so tough. His kneeling 5 2 diet recipe was useless. Although it was said that he was planning to enter the city tomorrow on his knees, he was actually not ready for it today. Today. The artillery will be set up at what to avoid to lose belly fat night, just waiting for the attack tomorrow noon. He arched his hands in despair, and went back to ride a horse. Suddenly, he missed the stirrup and fell to the ground. Man Gui saw some guards. With sympathy on his face, the soldier yelled You look at him very pitiful, yes, very pitiful. But do you know how many Han Jiaerlang he has killed us in the past seven years following the old slave The emperor said that who would dare to start a war against Daming, the time to end the war should be decided by Daming. Nurhachi, who is now dead in Shenyang city, used seven unnecessarily hatreds to turn his mind, and slaughtered over a million Han people in Liaodong. Such a person must be frustrated to be worthy of the millions of innocent people in Liaodong. We can only sympathize with the dead. Compatriots, not the murderer who caused the death of my compatriots. Enter Shenyang tomorrow and slaughter all those who dare to resist The guards shouted in unison Kill into Shenyang, slaughter and build slaves Smash lose your clothes com into Shenyang, Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet massacre and build slaves Smash into Shenyang, massacre and build slaves Those who were a little sympathetic to Yue Tuo just now scolded themselves for being confused, and even sympathized with these murderers. Lu Xiangsheng looked at Man Gui with admiration. Although he didn t read much, he was very discerning and knew how to motivate soldiers. He is really a man born as a general. Yue Tuo returned to the city with a gray head and face, facing the eyes of everyone s expectations They will attack the city tomorrow noon. Everyone looks different, some are angry, some are timid, some are wandering, but they all look at Daishan, waiting for their new Khan to express their opinions. Daishan said with a sad face The Ming army is Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet so fierce, It doesn t give us any chance at all. How can this be good Deger class shouted If they want to fight, just let them fight. Our Daikin is not easy to provoke. His brother Mang Gultay died in Liaoyang Outside the city, he always wanted revenge, and he was not surprised but rejoiced when he heard what foods are good on a keto diet that the Ming army Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet was about to fight Shenyang. Azige said The Ming army has a kind of artillery, which is extremely powerful, and there is nothing less than siege Dege said disdainfully Although I did not participate in the battle of Liaoyang, I have

names for weight loss teams seen the artillery of the Ming army before. Shenyang is such a does exercise bike make u lose weight high city, I don t believe that they starter diet for obese can beat it down. Yue Tuo said Shenyang s food is no longer sufficient. According to this, it may only Limited Time Offer Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Trusted By Celebrities be supported for less than a month. The artillery of the Ming Army today is quite different from the previous ones. It s no longer a solid iron bullet, and it can explode after it hits the ground. We in Liaoyang suffer from this kind of shell attack. Degere was taken aback, and then said Can you blow up the city wall They can t enter the city, There is no way for us. Yue Tuo shook his Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet head If the number is enough, stick figure lifting weights the city wall can be blown up. Degeri stopped making a sound, and the others fell silent. After a long time, Dai Shan sighed and said Let s defend first, if you can t keep it, then withdraw. Yue Tuo sighed inwardly If there is such an idea, the city will not be able to be defended, and the wall will explode. We can fill in foods you can eat on keto or make up for it. If this battle can Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet t be held anymore, then where we flee is nothing, it s better to surrender to the Ming army. Amin said in amazement, surrender, have you reached this point Yue Tuo said It s useless if you can t escape. If the Ming army chases and fights, Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet our losses will be more serious, so we hold on first, and then surrender with conditions. This may lead to some loose conditions. Amin said No, you can t surrender anyway. Old Khan just went, and you just wanted to surrender. Back then, there were only 13 armors. Old Khan took us down most of Liaodong. Will we be worse than the old Khan back then Yue Tuo Said Today is different from the past. Back then, when the old Khan raised troops, some generals in the Ming Dynasty didn t pay attention or even condoned them to develop. Now we have fallen out with the Ming Dynasty, and the Ming army is always pressing on us to fight. It was the same back then. Amin said What s the difference We are still in the army now. Even if we return to Hetuala, we can also have nothing to do with the Ming army. I am willing to bring people back to Hetuala, but I don t want to be here. Surrender to the Ming army. Dorgon stepped forward and said I am the son of Da Khan, and I will not surrender to the Ming army even if I die. Having said that, Yue Tuo s surrender theory was unanimously condemned by everyone. Daishan Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet also said Ben Khan must fight the Ming army to the end. If he fails to fight, he will return to Hetuala, and will not surrender to the Ming army in any case. Only Du Du and Shuotuo did not speak. Du Du is Yue Tuo who has discussed Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet the current situation with him, and he understands that he can only surrender to the Ming Dynasty, hoping that the Ming Dynasty can allow Jurchen to return to Jianzhou, so that there may be a chance for a comeback. And Shuo Tuo felt that he had surrendered even more Okay, I can be the leader of the Jianzhou Nuzhen, but I didn t expect how the Ming army would let him dominate the Nuzhen without an inch of merit. So the final countermeasure everyone came up with was to hold Shenyang first, return to Hetuala if there was any disagreement, and head northeast if it didn t work, in short, you could not surrender Mingren. After Shuotuo returned to the mansion, he immediately called in Yang San and said, Tomorrow night, I will open the west gate and ask Yang Yan to inform your army. After the two discussed the time and signal, Yang San left the Shuotuo mansion. When he came to Fan Wencheng what to use to lose weight fast s mansion, Fan Wencheng said Tomorrow the villain will open the city gate at the east gate to welcome the heavenly soldiers to enter th