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Paleo Diet, What To Eat When Losing Weight, Top Weight Loss Pills LA Premier Group Keto Diet, Healthy Lunch Dinner Recipes. unts, brothers and sisters really work hard in various ways, either singing or playing musical instruments. That big sister just now felt good singing. Ah, I think the uncle in front also sang very well. Ha, that violin played well. The three little girls also had their own judgments, standing The three grandma s side commented on the contestants on the show. When they saw the rest, the three little girls even began to guess whether the person performing the show could be recognized by the judges. This person is not bad. I think he will definitely get at least three stars. Yeah, I don t think it will work. He has gone out of fastest most effective way to lose weight tune for a while. He definitely won t get three stars. Ha, yes, he should be Eliminated. Sure enough, the result came out. The player who was a little out of tune only got two stars and was eliminated. See the players eliminated Junjun is also a little uncomfortable with the lost scene of the movie It s so strict, I feel that I actually sing pretty well. Xinxin didn t feel strict on the contrary, and whispered Ah, Yunjun, so many people, if you are not strict with thisIt s unfair to others So it s better to be stricter. Hearing Xinxin s words, Junjun thought for a while and nodded and said, It seems right, so many people came to participate in the competition. Xuan Xuan watched by the side. Suddenly said Ha, look, it s a drum kit. Then he heard the person on the screen knocking for a while, and he was eliminated by the bright cross before he finished Paleo Diet the knock. Junjun covered her little ear and said, Oh, he, he hasn t knocked well yet. Xinxin nodded, Yes, yes, Didaxuan is much Paleo Diet better than him. Xuanxuan got it. She praised her, but she still said blankly Ha, Xuan Xuan is great. About halfway through the show, Yue Yi and ketogenic recipes Su Linglu walked in hand in hand. The program was immediately suspended in Paleo Diet the conference room, so that the young couple could Paleo Diet walk in and go to the children. When the children saw Limit Discounts Paleo Diet Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) that Aunt was coming, they ran and rushed into Aunt s arms. But the moment they got into my aunt s arms, the three little girls frowned almost simultaneously. How smelly is Dad It smells so bad. Yeah, yes, it smells. Ha, it smells. The so called stinky by the three little girls is naturally bloody. Yue Yi had no time to take a bath because he had to rush over, so he could only change his clothes downstairs and accompany his wife. Although the clothes are changed, the smell on the body has not been completely removed. When the mother heard the children, she also pulled her son to her side and sniffed carefully. Then he frowned and asked, What s the matter Why do you smell bloody Yue Yi smiled and said, It s okay. Those Paleo Diet are not mine, but a child. There was a car accident. I took him to keto diet resource recipes the rescue. Stained with blood. The child Was hit by a car Is it still covered in blood Is this serious The two mothers and Aunt Chen were a little surprised, looking at the young couple with shocked faces. Yue Yi immediately said It s okay, it s okay. The doctor said that there is no life threatening. Then, without asking the mothers, he pointed to the screen and said, Well, let s watch the show first. At this time, family diet although the three little girls wanted to get Paleo Diet close to their aunt, they hated the smell and felt a little embarrassed for a while. Yue Yi saw what the three daughters meant, and said with a smile Don t come here, just by grandma s side. The three little girls were a little unhappy on the contrary, they ignored the stinky smell and rushed forward. In my aunt s arms. No, I w

can you lose 5 pounds a weekant to sit with my dad. Although my dad is stinky, Yunyun doesn t dislike it. Ah, Xinxin Don t dislike her father, Xinxin also wants to sit with her father. Ha, and Xuan Xuan. Surrounded by the three daughters, Yue Yi could only smile and put the daughters in his arms and lead them to continue watching the show. It seems that in the arms of his aunt, the three little guys are very happy, almost I finished watching the show without saying a word. After the show, there was a round of applause in the conference room, and everyone stood up and applauded the entire show team. The applause in the small conference room was from the sincerity of everyone present, because the show The effect of the recording is really great. Even Xingmeng, who has been focusing on various entertainment shows, Paleo Diet has to admit that the talent show that Yue Yi is responsible for overseeing how to drop weight extremely fast the production is great. This talent show called Music Masters, from The idea is very novel, and it has given many grassroots musicians opportunities for the masses. During the entire program recording process, those low calorie food seemingly embarrassing tidbits actually interspersed in the program, but they have become something eye catching. Go to the scene and stand on the stage with a dream of music, or perform, or sing, or dance, a wonderful performance at the talent show. Then five authoritative judges on site comments, plus a bit cruel, but still The judges are mixed with human touch. I have to say that from the effect of the first episode alone, everyone in the room how to eat cheap is very satisfied. The old man of the Li family first Paleo Diet said Yue Yi, I really didn t expect your show. Doing so well. Old man Chen also smiled and said Yes, we still doubted your ability before, it seems that we old guys are too worried. Elder Tang said at last Old Su still has the foresight, and he has locked on such a capable grandson in law a long time ago. Faced with the praise of the three grandpas, Yue Yi said with a smile You are welcome, the Paleo Diet three grandpas. In fact, this is also everyone s credit, but it is not my own ability. If it is not for your trust and cooperation, it would not be so good. Of. Old Tang said with a smile again Okay, okay, young people are willing to work, able to work, yet so humble, very good. After Grandpa Tang praised him, Yue Yi smiled and asked Grandpa Li, Grandpa Li, can this show be released now Lao Li immediately said with a smile It s okay, of course it s okay. It will be premiered on Asia Pacific Arts. When I heard Mr. Li s words, Li Chengbo couldn t help saying Paleo Diet Dad, but we were still talking with several TV stations before. Lao Li waved his hand and said, Those domestic TV stations are really too petty. You have to sono bello weight loss pill what to eat on a low fat diet think about buying a program, don t worry about them. Lao Chen then said with a smile That is, when the effects of the first episode of the program come out, those TV stations will definitely come to the door immediately. Because of some interests, in fact, apart from the Su family, the other three The relationship with domestic TV stations is not very good. Only domestic TV stations can t control them. After all, the three companies are basically doing global industries. Therefore, if you don t have a cold with domestic TV Paleo Diet stations, you will naturally not take the initiative to send programs to domestic TV stations. Of course, although the Asia Pacific Art Channel is indeed more appealing, the ratings of domestic TV stations should not be underestimated. After how to lose weight by running quora all, for many people in China, television entertainment is


Paleo Diet

how-to-loose-fat-weight also a form of mass entertainment, and it is still mainstream for the time being. Yue Yi does not intend to bother about these ties to the interests of domestic TV stations. He just smiled and said Three grandpas, in fact, I a way to lose weight still want to broadcast simultaneously on my live broadcast platform. I don t know if the three grandpas can agree Paleo Diet The three old men fell silent for a moment, with their faces hanging. Smiles looked at each other, but no one took the initiative to say yes to it. In fact, recently, the spread of fires at home and abroad has already made the three old people feel threatened. Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, Yue Yi was just the one who made an accidental investment, but the three old people knew very well. That broadcasting platform was actually created by Yue Yi, and the company was fully controlled by him. Under Paleo Diet such a situation, the three elderly people are now worried in their hearts, and the Su family and Yue Yi come to steal their posts. After handing over Su s things, relying on the popular live broadcast platform to rebuild Paleo Diet the main Su s family. In such a situation, if Yue Yi s live broadcast platform is given the opportunity to synchronize the talent show, I am afraid it will give him even more wings, and at that time, he will be upgraded to the level of the broadcast platform. Now broadcasting is limited to ordinary people, and has not really gained recognition from the entertainment and art circles. Once such an opportunity is given, the live broadcast platform will inevitably go further, which is not what the three elderly people want to see. So at this moment, the three old people remained silent and did not directly deny, but they ketogenic recipes vegan did not agree. The reason why there was no direct denial was that two women, Lu Jinxiu and Yang Yuqing, were present. The three old people did feel a little bit afraid of the two mothers, and they knew that these two methods were not trivial. Seeing that the three old people were unwilling to agree, Yue Yi said with a smile Three grandpas don t worry, since my platform is live broadcast, of course it is the live broadcast of Asia Pacific Art Channel. Live broadcast of Asia Pacific Art Channel The people present were all surprised. Then Chen Zhenhui suddenly asked, Do you mean that whole food diet you want to directly broadcast Asia Pacific Art Channel Yue Yi smiled and said, No, no, no, brother, your understanding is wrong. I mean, you can find an anchor. Live broadcast to watch the show with everyone. This time everyone understood, the three old men smiled and nodded Yes, Xiaoyue, if you want to broadcast live. Originally, Chen Zhenhui and Li Cheng Bodu wanted to refuse, but the three old people had already agreed, so they could only remain silent. It s just that Chen Zhenhui still feels uneasy in his heart, especially when he sees the satisfied smile on Yue Yi s face, he always feels food calorie list printable as if he s gotten into a trap. Yue Yi always kept smiling, as if the live broadcast was just a trivial matter, and Paleo Diet he never mentioned it again. While everyone was discussing details, Yue Yi played with the three little girls while listening to everyone s comments. There are some things that he doesn t understand, Yue Yi will insert a few words, but he can always hit the nail on the head. Many times, Chen Zhenhui and Li Chengbo put forward several amendments, which will be resolved by Yue Yi very cleverly. In the end, this visit how to eat cheap was purely an observation, and neither Chen Zhenhui nor Li Chengbo s opinions were adopted. As a result, the program was sent d

is it possible to lose 30 pounds in a weekirectly to the program department according to Yue Yi s editing method, and it was ready to be broadcast at the scheduled time. After everything was reviewed, seeing noon, the three old men suggested that everyone should have a celebration dinner together at noon. Because it was the three elderly people who spoke, it was impossible for those present to refuse, Paleo Diet so everyone agreed. Fortunately, this lunch banquet can be regarded as Su clan s internal, not a formal celebration banquet, so there is no need to leave Su clan. After the old people left first, Yue Yi glanced around and asked his mother strangely Why didn t Brother Han come today Sister Mei said when she heard it, Lin Tianwang said that today we are going to help Qin Yantong s new album station. Yes, so I didn t come. The three little girls from the Su family soon realized that their good friend Paleo Diet Lin Wanqian had not come. Dad, daddy, why didn t you see Cici Didn t you say that Cici and Uncle Lin will intermittent fasting and exercise in the morning come together Yeah, yes, we are all waiting until noon, we are going to eat, why Cici fat burning plan hasn t come yet Ha, I miss Cici, we haven t seen Cici for a Paleo Diet long time. Su Linglu couldn t help smiling when she heard Xuan Xuan s words, Xuan Xuan, didn t you see him at school yesterday Xuan Xuan Xuan tilted her little head for a while and said, Ha, but I didn t see it today. The weight loss calories chart little girl s words immediately amused the adults. Lu Jinxiu smiled and said Hehehe, didn t you expect our Xuanxuan to settle accounts like this Yang Yuqing also said People say that Limit Discounts Paleo Diet Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) if you don t see each other in a day, it Paleo Diet s like three autumns. Our Xuanxuan is three autumns in half a day. As Paleo Diet for the Paleo Diet beautiful grandma, Xuan Xuan tilted her head again and thought about it how much weight can i lose in 3 weeks again Ha, I don t understand. Xin Xin pulled Xuan Xuan and said, Ah, not seeing each other in one day is like three autumns, but not seeing each other in one day is like three years. Xuan Xuan seemed to understand, she tilted her head and thought about it and said, Ha, it s like 30 autumns diet for fatty liver away from Cici. Hearing Xuan Xuan s words, everyone couldn t help but laugh. The little girl is so cute, she has no idea of time. Junjun came over and pulled Xuan Xuan and said, Dai Da Xuan, that s not the case. Thirty autumns have become thirty years. We are all ol