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Posted on 2020-08-17

How To Keto Diet, Keto Pills By Keto Caps Guarantee Weight Loss Ornish Diet, Ketogenic Bread Review, LA Premier Group. top 20 foods nt information to be handed over to the commander of the Ming army. The director did not dare to neglect, and immediately sent him to Liaoyang. Lu Xiangsheng met him personally. Chabson fell to his knees and said The villain is a slave of the second son of the Great Baylor Daishan. On the order of the master of my family, he came to present the Shenyang city defense map. After talking, take out what does a healthy woman look like the city defense map from the interlayer of the clothes and present it with both hands. The adjutant took the city defense map, and Lu Xiangsheng asked We have something unclear, and Shuo Tuo is the second son of Big Baylor, but why offer us the city defense map Chabson said My master has been bullied by Big Baylor. One year ago, he sent a small one to contact the Ming army to help the Ming army Ornish Diet take down the Anshan post. The Ming army did not believe it, so he failed. Now in Jianzhou, Nurhachi is seriously injured. He prefers his youngest son losing weight good running Dodor to take over Khan, while my master s brother, Yue Tobele, wants Big Baylor to take over. If Nurhachi dies, Duduo will not be healthy low fat dinners able to fight for the good of the times. My master does not want Big Baylor to succeed, so I want to ask the Ming army to take down Shenyang and destroy Jianzhou. Lu Xiangsheng opened his mouth wide, and did not straighten out his thoughts for a long time. He thought to himself, what a wise decision was his Majesty the Emperor to promote the country and nation s cognition. Shuo Tuo would rather build the whole building just because of his personal grievances with his father. The state was destroyed to prevent the possibility of his father becoming sweaty. If there were more such people among the Han, it would be too easy for barbarians to destroy Daming. But of course such a Jurchen spy Daming is welcome, and Lu Xiangsheng immediately enthusiastically Said It s so good. We will give the messenger a reply after discussing it. It s good to let someone take the messenger to take a rest. Chabson thanked Ornish Diet him for going out to eat and rest. Lu Xiangsheng sent someone to find Jin Yiwei. Yang San brought a few people in. After paying the salute, Lu Xiangsheng told about Chabson Ornish Diet again Yang Yishi How much do you think Ornish Diet this is true Yang San thought for a while and said, Bachelor, from the bottom of the official s opinion, I m afraid this is all true. We have stayed in Shenyang and Liaoyang. This Shuo Tuo is Daishan s second son, and Yue Tuo was born to his ex wife. And Daishan has a bad habit, which is what we call soft ears. Under the instigation of his step wife, he abused Yue Tuo and Shuo Tuo as much as possible, but Nurhachi found out. He abolished Daishan s crown prince and took Yue Tuo to raise himself, while Shuo Tuo was taken over by Mang Gurtai. This is a well known thing in the establishment of slaves. Lu Xiangsheng said Now Yue Tuo wants to Ornish Diet support acting for good, Ornish Diet but Shuo Tuo strongly opposes acting for good. Even willing to betray to establish slaves, aren t both of Best Offer Deal Ornish Diet Ate Too Much? them abused Why is the difference so big Yang San replied Yue Tuo grew up with Huang Taiji, and has a very good relationship with him. And Shuo Tuo seemed unwelcome at Manggurtai, so he hated Daishan deeply. And a few years ago, he was banned by Nurhac

loose ten poundshi, it seems that he wanted to cast Ming, annoyed the slave chief. Lu Xiangsheng thought for a while and said This seems to have some truth, but I think, now we have the advantage, Shenyang will be able to go down sooner or later, so why bother to take the risk and believe in Shuo Tuo Well, let this messenger take the letter back first, and in the letter I expressed my willingness to join forces with Shuo Tuo, and I will ask him for his credit and reward after it is done. It depends on how he answers. It s good if he can contribute, as long as he doesn t suffer losses because of Ornish Diet blindly believing him. Yang Sandao Bachelor, the lower officials think it s good to seize this opportunity. In addition, Jin Yiwei happened to catch a person who said he was the family of a scholar in Shenyang City, and wanted to abandon the secret to the Ming, so he was sent to speak with the Ming army. And said that an appointment can be made to open the gate. The subordinate is about to bring him here, now he is outside, can the bachelor want to see him Lu Xiangsheng said Well, let s see this person first. If the city gate can really fat person names be opened, how many casualties will be reduced. Yang San went and brought in the people outside. It was a middle aged man in his thirties. As soon as he came in, he knelt on the ground and began to kowtow. Then he said, My master is Fan Wenzheng, because the slaves are threatening. Was forced to join the barbarians, always looking forward to the rescue by the heavenly soldiers. Today, I know that the Ming army has captured Liaoyang and threatened Shenyang. I am overjoyed and are willing to make money and surrender when the army is attacking the city to wash away the shame of thieves. After talking, he took out a letter and submitted what foods should you avoid with gilbert s syndrome it. Lu Xiangsheng frowned when he heard the word Master. He took the letter and opened it. The writer was named Fan Wencheng, a scholar from Shenyang County. In the letter he After accusing Jiannu of his coercion and abuse, he had no other choice but to succumb to his prostitution. He was delighted to hear that Daming was going to regain Shenyang and expressed his willingness to help Daming s army capture Shenyang. He had losing weight fasting on water more than a dozen subordinates, When the Ming army was attacking the city, he was willing 400 calorie diet plan to open the city gate. I hope that the court can forgive him for his crimes of being forced into a thief and repenting to serve as a slave. In Lu Xiangsheng s view, this letter is not very literary. Reluctantly to make things clear, but the miserable experience Ornish Diet of this man and his heart to serve the country made people feel sympathy and admiration. He pondered and asked, how to lose the gut Your master is willing max life weight loss complaints to help me wait for me to enter the city. Is welcome. Reply to your host, the Ornish Diet Guards of Mind have accepted it. If you need it then, you will leave an address and we will let someone contact you. The man Ornish Diet was overjoyed, and knelt down again, and Lu Xiangsheng said, Don t be so much. Li, you go back first, tell your host not to act rashly now, there will always be some time for him to Ornish Diet work. After he went out, he said to Yang San You just asked me to seize this opportunity. I think it would be a good idea to let Jiannu civil strife. We can seize t


loose-weight-eating he line of Shuo Tuo, but we ketogenic diet breakfast foods just have to trouble you Jin Yiwei to contact him so that we can know his true intentions. Yang San said without hesitation Bachelor, I will go to Shenyang City to meet this master for a while, and I should be able to see whether his intentions are true or false. Lu Xiangsheng didn t say much to him. Knowing that he has high martial arts skills, he might be more likely to run away if he doesn t agree, so he said Since Yang Yushi is willing to go personally, then see if he can have a chance to promote slavery. He promised Shuotuo that after the event was completed, he could lead Jianzhou Jurchen. Yang San said embarrassedly Bachelor, I m not used to lying. Lu Xiangsheng knew that he was not used to lying, but that he was afraid that Sora would not be able to do it after he promised Soto. So he smiled and said This is true. The emperor said that Jianzhou Nvzhen is our scout for marching north, so We still have to how to lose lower belly fat keep the Jianzhou Jurchens in the future. Besides, it is impossible for your Majesty to slaughter the Jianzhou Jurchens. Such a large number will hurt the heavens and peace. In fact, he has made up his mind. After the Jurchens complete their mission, at least the mature men will be slaughtered. If there is retribution at that time, it will fall on himself and will not hurt the emperor. Yang San Then he was relieved and said Then the officer first went to explain some things about Wei Li, and then selected a few companions to follow the messenger. Yang Ornish Diet San lose weight cycling tips took two people and followed Chabson to live in Shenyang. After entering the city, the two companions disappeared from the crowd, and he came to Shuotuo s mansion alone. Chabson said Master, this is Mr. Yang, a high ranking official in Jinyiwei in Daming. He didn t understand what kind of official Yang San was. He only knew that he was a high official. The Shuo Tuo in front of Yang San was a short Ornish Diet and strong man in his twenties with a gloomy temperament. Yang San bowed his hands and said, Da Ming Jin Yiwei commanded Yang San. See Taiji. Shuo Tuo glanced at him with slanted eyes and said, How old is the official Yang San replied Fourth grade. Shuo Tuo s expression improved, Sit down, please. I wonder how your army views Bentai Ji s suggestion Yang Sandao Our military commander Lu Gong, a bachelor of the Hanlin Academy, said that if Taiji can make contributions, in the future Jianzhou Jurchen can be handed over to Taiji. Suo Tuo was still thinking about how the opponent s leader turned out to be a Bachelor of the Imperial Academy. Although the Ming army civilians are traditionally led, it is rare to send ketogenic diet weight loss losing weight fasting on water a Bachelor of the Imperial Academy. But he heard that he could lead Jianzhou. Jurchen was Ornish Diet shocked. He thought that after the defeat of Jianzhou, the Ming court would kill the leader of Jianzhou and disband Jianzhou Jurchen, but now listening to Yang San, Daming would not drive Jianzhou to death, which made the little Ornish Diet guilt in his heart completely disappear without a trace. And the reason why he wanted to surrender to the Ming army was because he didn t want to become a sweat on behalf of the good. But Daming actually wanted him to lead Ornish Diet Jianzhou Jurchen, which was something he never dared to

tranquility keto diet imagine. Such a big sesame seed cake aroused his ambition for a while. If you become the leader of Jianzhou, the first thing is to put Abahai in the account, but not let Daishan die, and let him watch the fire breathing, but there is nothing i really need to lose 30 pounds he can do. His heart was surging, his face was joyful, and his teeth were gritted. Yang San 500 calorie meals recipes s heart is determined, such a person who is so happy in appearance, should not Ornish Diet be a hypocrite, and his intention to cast light should not be a conspiracy. Shuo Tuo was excited for a while before he realized that someone else was there, so he said with a solemn expression What you think Shuo Tuo should do, please speak out. Yang San smiled and said, Taiwan s words are heavy, how dare you be an Ornish Diet official Supporter Taiji. Lu Xueshi hopes that Taiji can promote disputes within Jianzhou. As long as internal friction intensifies, Jianzhou will be broken. However, within Jianzhou, Nurhachi must die first. I don t know what is Nurhachi s condition Shuo Tuo was not happy when he diet plans that work fast and free heard him speak out about the name of Nurhachi. But he also Ornish Diet knew that Daming Jinyiwei couldn t call Nurhachi a sweat. He thought for a while and said The last time we saw profuse sweat, the complexion of profuse sweat was very bad, and we got tired after saying a few words, I m afraid it will be too soon. Yang San saw him with a sad face, knowing he was just I don t like Daishan, and I still respect Nurhachi, saying Before the sweat and funeral, Taiji should not do anything. As for the future, we can only look at the specific situation. It is not important what it can do. Taiji did his best. Shuo Tuo said Don t worry, Shuo Tuo will do everything for Daming. If you can t pick them up, you non fattening food can at least open Ornish Diet the door to welcome the Ming army into Shenyang. Yang Sanxin thought. Two people are vying to offer the city gate, which is not bad. He wanted to say goodbye, and Shuotuo stayed in his house so that he could be notified in time. Yang San thought for a while, then agreed. The next night, the palace urgently summoned Baylor, Nurhachi was out of luck. When everyone rushed to the palace, Nurhaci was already speechless. He looked at Dodo in front of him, and then swept towards the other big and small Baylors. Daishan was a little embarrassed. He had promised to keep Duduo in the position last time, and Duduo was Abahai s son. He was young, and Ornish Diet he, the big Baylor, could still be a daughter of most families. But later Yue Tuo told him that he had already contacted all the big and small Baylors, and everyone was basically willing to choose him as Khan, which moved him again. After he was abolished as a prince by Nurhachi, he killed his wife again to beg for forgiveness. Possible. He occupied Yuetuo s house back then. As a result, Nurhachi Ornish Diet occupied his house twice according to the regulations. Although the anger in his heart was not expressed at the time, after being pressed in the bottom of his heart, after fermentation, he always bite his heart, and more and more The more powerful. He was more cautious, and quietly asked Abahai When did Father Khan stop talking Abahai put all his hopes on him, and Best Offer Deal Ornish Diet Ate Too Much? quickly replied I couldn what is the best healthy diet to lose weight t talk last night. Daishan He walked to Nurhachi and said, Father