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Posted on 2020-08-16

How To Start Keto Diet, Low Cholesterol Diet, Low Carb Diet Joint Pain, Winter Essential Planet Fitness LA Premier Group. led over there. Pan Xian saw the ship catching fire, and many big boats turned around in panic, so that they turned together with other ships, and the fleet suddenly became chaotic. Afterwards, Pan Xian saw that he was unable to move for a short time Low Cholesterol Diet on the ship, and gritted his teeth with a puff and jumped directly from the ship into the Han River. At the same time, on the ship on fire, the soldiers of Chu Sergeant were looking down Like dumplings, they jumped into Hanshui one by one. On Low Cholesterol Diet the other side, Huan Zang led more than 5,000 soldiers and rushed all the way, and finally killed outside Yun County in the afternoon. Yunxian originally had a thousand soldiers, but after the outbreak of line one nutrition muscle pills review the Great War, Zhao Ping was transferred to the army and five hundred people were transferred away. Because of the lack of troops in the county, they had no choice but to recruit civilians to transport food and use a troupe lose weight run or bike of soldiers to escort them. As a result, the Chu army was under pressure at this time, but there were only more than 400 defenders in the city. If it were only to frighten the Chu people in the city, it would be barely enough. However, at this moment, the Chu people s army was pressing down, and the Qin people on the wall were all trembling, with no blood on their faces. The Chu people are killed, and what can they do On the city wall, the county magistrate asked the county lieutenant in a trembling voice while looking at the Chu army who was about to attack the city outside the city. The county lieutenant swallowed his saliva I ll stand by the city. If the people in the city don t turn back, I Low Cholesterol Diet can stand by and wait for assistance. Ask the county guard to send reinforcements from Yunguan. If it s in the city The county lieutenant doesn t have it, but the county magistrate Already understand. The county magistrate looked back at the city, and then sighed for a long time. How long did Qin State occupy Shangyong, and the people in the city are all oriented towards Chu State. At this time, if the people in the city want to be the people of Qin State at ease, how is this possible Low Cholesterol Diet Just as the county magistrate and lieutenant sighed on the city wall, Huan Zang outside the city was ready. Huan Zang Jian pointed towards Yunxian Beat the drum, siege the city Then, accompanied by the sound of war drums, the Chu army in front immediately, driven by the general, took a ladder to kill Yunxian. On the city wall, the county lieutenant saw that the Chu army came to kill, and yelled without showing weakness Kill the enemy It was just that two hundred soldiers were scattered Keto Advanced Low Cholesterol Diet Green Tea Extract on the wall of more than 150 feet. Most of the soldiers did not Low Cholesterol Diet hear the county lieutenant s Shouting, he accepted, but it seemed that Qin Jun was particularly weak. At the same time, the Chu people in the city heard the sound of war drums and listened. Although most of the people in the city didn t plan for weight loss know who lose weight by not eating for 12 hours was attacking the city at this time, but in the land of Shangyong, you don t need to think about it. It must be Chu people who attacked the city. Thinking of this, many Chu people carefully peeped out the door. At this time, the wealthy family of Chu, who had long received the news, was overjoyed when they heard the sound of war drums. Chu Jun came back. Then, I heard the sound of fighting from the north of the city, indicating that the Chu army had attacked the city. At this point, the wealthy households in the city no longer waited, and immediately left with their servants. At this time, all the Qin sergeants patrolling the streets had been dragged to the wall for defense. The Chu people came out of their homes and saw that the street was unguarded. Someone immediately shouted Go to the north gate and welcome the Chu army into the city. Soon, six or seven wealthy households with more than 200 Ding Zhuangs were killed by appointment. North Gate. At this time, e

ketogenic accelerator meaningveryone saw that there were only more than 20 Qin soldiers defending in the north gate hole, and their morale immediately rose. Kill On the wall, the county magistrate and the county lieutenant all showed despair as they heard the shouts of the people in the city. Then the two looked at each other and nodded, straight Then turn around and leave. After the county magistrate and lieutenant took the lead in fleeing, the Qin army on the wall saw this and stopped resisting, and fled one after another. Outside the city, Huan Zang saw that the city was broken, and then looked at the sky, but saw that the sun had begun to shift to the west. At this time, he led his army to the Low Cholesterol Diet outside of Yunguan. It was too late today. The daylight in winter is always shorter. Huan Zang sighed lightly, and then ordered Send the order, 500 forwards enter the city, and the others will immediately rest outside the city. As he said, he led the army to Yun County. Go with. Then Huan Zang led Army Commander Chu drove straight in, and went all the way to the Low Cholesterol Diet county magistrate s office unimpeded. Not long after Huan Zang entered the mansion, a soldier came to report Report, General, our army has controlled the county treasury. General, our how do i count calories with home cooked meals army has controlled the four gates. General, our army has eliminated the Qin people how to lose 10 lbs in 10 days in the city. Soon, news came from all parts how to lose belly fat without working out of the city, and Yunxian returned to Chu State again. Then, when the city stabilized a little bit, Huan Zang immediately ordered Send the order, immediately enlist the people, and all Dingzhuang in the city will be reorganized into the army, and those over the age of 20 and under 40 will be enlisted in the army, and the others over the age of 14. All arranged to defend the city. Nuo Send the order, open the arsenal, and issue weapons Low Cholesterol Diet to the people. Nuo. Send the order, immediately send someone out of Yunguan to inform the country of Zhu, saying that Yunxian has been down, and the Japanese will I will attack the back of the Qin army from behind Yunguan with all my strength. Nuo. Send an order to Low Cholesterol Diet let the Chu people in the city who responded to our army come to see the general. Nuo The seven Chu people who just started to respond in a short time. He walked quickly to the front Low Cholesterol Diet of the Huan Zang chariot, and said in unison Meet the general. No gift Huan Zang nodded, then looked at the people and said Everyone is in a difficult country, and Zhu Guo is still outside Yunguan. I would like to try my best to get Dingzhuang in the city and enter Shangyong in order to meet the Zhu Kingdom. However, at the beginning of the next year, I am not familiar with the affairs of Yun County, so I would like to ask you all to help me to comfort the people in the city for a while. After success, I will appeal to you all in the next orientation pillar country. The seven were overjoyed and said in unison I would like to serve the general. Good Just as Yunxian was nervously enlisting the people into the army, a messenger asked. Ma you just lost one came from the west, and then came to Huan Zang to report General Huan, I am hereby given the order of the general governor to inform the general that the Chu people in Changli County had how to lose 2 pound in a week rioted. Now the Chu people in the city have expelled the Qin people. The governor said that he has recruited the people in Changli County, and he will lead Ding Zhuang from the city to Yunguan tomorrow. Please rest assured that the army. Good Huan Zang was overjoyed. There are five counties in Shangyong in the west of Yunguan, Changli County in Low Cholesterol Diet Yun County is located in the north, and the three counties of Shangyong Wuling in Fangxian County are all in the south. Now that the two counties in the north have been recovered by Chu, it can be said that the battle best foods for losing belly fat against Shangyong has been half successful. As long as Yunguan is conquered tomorrow and Chu s army enters Shangyong, then the overall battle of Shangyong


how-to-loose-fat-quick is set. Thinking, Huan Zang replied with a smile Okay, if you have any trouble to restore the governor s history, it means that Japan will go to Yunguan first. Please help the governor. No. The messenger went. Then, Huan what are the lowest calorie foods Zang again commanded Come on, inform Low Cholesterol Diet Zhu Guo as soon as possible, Chang Li has recovered. At this time, in Yunguan, Song Mo had no reaction to the tragic attack and defense at Yunguan, just staring at Yun in front of him. The county courier said in horror and angrily How is this possible There are a thousand troops defending on the Renshan Trail. How can the Chu army suddenly defend by our army and suddenly kill outside the transportation limit. The courier shook his head and said General, I of Renshan The military line of defense must have been broken. More than 5,000 people from the Chu army suddenly killed Yunxian from the north. Then the people of Yunxian rebelled and lose weight with the healthiest coffee on the planet the city fell suddenly. Thisthis Song Mo retreated a few steps after hearing the words. He said in Low Cholesterol Diet disbelief How is this possible As he said, thinking of blocking the Chu Army Navy s army, his expression changed his way It s not good, it s a trick, Zhaoju didn t even intend to attack Shangyong from the waterway. His goal from beginning to end is Yunguan. Then, Song Mo weakened slightly and barely stood still, and said anxiously Now all the soldiers from all counties are in the southern waterways to block the Chu army, even now our army you just lost one is already big. The army of Sheng Chu Low Cholesterol Diet sent a messenger for help at this time, and then waited Low Cholesterol Diet for the army to arrive. This time, I am afraid that it will take two days at the earliest. If the army is surrounding and suppressing the bandits in Shangyong at this time, waiting for the news, the army will gatherCome on Shangyong again Song Mo s face was bloodless. No, time is too late. Tomorrow the Chu army will inevitably attack Yunguan. Moreover, the Chu army that has killed Yunxian now hasn t reached Yunguan for a long time. I think they must be recruiting the people in the city. There are nearly 3,000 households among the people, and each household is 3,000 people, so the Chu army who will kill outside Yunguan tomorrow will exceed 8,000. In this way, how long I can hold Yunguan. Song Mo hesitated. At the same time, another messenger came Report to the general that the Chu people in Changli County have rioted. Our army is lost and low carbohydrate diet vegan Changli County has been lost. What Song Mo feared Thisthis And Wuling Shangyongfang County, these three places Song Mo immediately made up his mind No, this Yunguan can t stay On the Yunguan battlefield, Qin and Chu both fought tragically at Yunguan again. The first battle ended with the Chu army returning without success. As soon as Zhaoju returned to the base camp, the garrison general quickly walked to Zhaoju s side and reported Zhu Guo, the navy general Pan Xian has returned to the base camp, the navy returned with a crushing defeat, and Pan Xian is in the camp. Please be quick 5 lb weight loss guilty. Zhaoju frowned slightly and nodded in response Okay, I will know. Stepping back to the big tent, Zhaoju saw Low Cholesterol Diet a general kneeling on the ground and his body was tied up with a rope. Up. Zhaoju came to the general, looking through his embarrassed faceI still recognized this person, it was Pan Xian. Zhaoju immediately came to Pan Xian s side to lift him up, and then personally untied the rope for Pan Xian, and asked Why is this General Pan Victory or defeat is commonplace in the military, why is it so Pan Xian bowed his head in shame. Said Zhu State, the final commander was weak, and the attacking Qin army was defeated and returned. As a result, more than 30 navy ships were destroyed, and more than 70 small boats were destroyed. The final general is not only entrusted by the negative column country, but also the navy. He is already unable to fight, and his plan to attack Shangyong from the navy is completel

how to loose 10 pounds in 7 daysy frustrated, so I am how to lose 10 pounds in 7 weeks here to apology. Zhaoju was shocked, although he was not sure whether the navy could break Keto Advanced Low Cholesterol Diet Green Tea Extract through the Qin army s defense. After all, the leaders Zheng Dang and Lu Fengquan of that key auspicious soldier have not contacted Chu State for Low Cholesterol Diet nearly a year, and the direct target of their allegiance is not Chu over the counter anti obesity medication State. No one can guarantee that Low Cholesterol Diet they are still loyal to Chu State at this time whats keto However, it was beyond his expectation that the navy lost so much. Thinking about it, Zhaoju s face became cold, and he immediately asked General Pan, I would remember that Qin has no navy in Shangyong. You waited to leave by the waterway. As long as you turn around and retreat, Qin can t catch up with him, so why did he appear This kind of fiasco. Pan Xian paused, then talked about the battle, and finally Low Cholesterol Diet Low Cholesterol Diet Low Cholesterol Diet rejoiced Fortunately, the Qin people have no navy. Most of the soldiers jumped into the Han River to escape, and were later picked up by ships downstream. Therefore, although the navy is The ship was almost annihilated, but the soldiers only lost more than 10. The defeat of Hanshui was not due to the general s command error. It is because the general did not know the people. Zhaoju sighed, then lifted up Pan Xian, and said calmly. General Pan, please, this battle will automatically plead guilty to the king. Xie General Pan Xian bowed moved. The navy experienced such a fiasco, if Zhaoju hadn t stepped forward to withstand it, he could not stand it at all with his small body, I am afraid he could only commit suicide to apologize tricks to help lose weight to King Chu. At this moment, Zhaoju thought of the army led by Huan Zang. According to Pan Xian Low Cholesterol Diet s account, there were as popsugar keto diet many as five or six thousand Qin troops participating in the battle in Hanshui this time. With the addition of the Qin troops in Yunguan and Chengshan, there were not many Qin troops everywhere. If the riots in Shangyong counties at this time, there is a great