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Posted on 2020-08-17

How To Do Keto Diet, LA Fitness Ketosis Diet, How To Lose A Gut Quickly. stick to it. He will not dare to drive more and more long, and several cities will stick to it and retreat naturally. The old minister is willing to protect the Xiong Jinglue who will fight later. At this time, the Jiangxi healthy diet on the go Ketosis Diet Dao Yushi Xu Yang went out low calorie low fat recipes first The minister thought that the governor of Denglai and the governor of Liaodong could be exchanged, and the Liao affairs commissioner was in Xiong Tingbi. Liang Ketosis Diet Si also agreed. In addition to Fang Congzhe, who was the first to speak, only four ministers of Manchuria wanted to protect Xiong Tingbi and demanded that Wang Huazhen be replaced. The others wanted Wang Huazhen to take the lead in Liaodong affairs and replace Xiong Tingbi, but none of them were willing to offer to bear Wang Huazhen s failure. Guilt. Zhu Youxiao laughed secretly, these guys, Shoufu s words should not be heard, they are only responsible for recommending and not responsible for taking lose 30 pounds in 1 month responsibility, if there is something in the future, they will definitely push two hundred fifty six, it is really good material for officials. However, in the current situation, the Donglin Party had a victory. Everyone believed that Wang Huazhen was better than Xiong Tingbi. Wouldn t it be necessary to replace Xiong Tingbi Zhu Youxiao was unwilling. But the words were let out first, and I deeply hated Ye Xianggao and Zhang Heming, and clearly understood that Liaodong should be the master, but due to personal reasons, he wanted to push Wang Huazhen to the top. At this time, there was an urgent report from the temple that the Liaodong army was in an emergency. The slave army repaired ships and garrisoned around the Liaohe River, and seemed to be aggressive. Zhu Youxiao cried out secretly, so he decreed When facing the enemy, you will miss the military situation. He ordered the Liaodong Economics to work together and blame the merits and sins. After the imperial edict, the ministers did not object. If Xiong Tingbi was replaced, if something really happened, it would have to be pushed on Wang Huazhen alone. Now that the emperor said that the merits and crimes are one, although it may be cheaper for Xiong Tingbi, it may also be possible for Ketosis Diet Xiong Tingbi to bear some responsibilities for Wang Huazhen, so the emperor and all his officials fell. I think this method is good. Although Zhu Youxiao did not replace Wang Huazhen, he almost had the ministers replace Xiong Tingbi just now, which also made him feel that the situation remains stable now, which is a good thing. Back in the harem, Zhu Youxiao ran into trouble. Before he does anything indescribable with the third female Online Shop Ketosis Diet Low Carb of the harem, he always knows the time of his day, so as to avoid the period of easy pregnancy. And the three daughters didn t know the reason, but unexpectedly one day, the pure concubine Duan Ying and the Keshi talked about not being pregnant for how to get rid of fat rolls so long. They asked the Keshi for advice, and the Keshi told her to choose herself twice. Tiangui tries his best to get pregnant as easily as possible. The speaker was unintentional, and the listener was intentional. Duan Ying thought that every time the emperor went to his palace, it happened to be the time when Tiangui had just finished or was about to come, and there was a question. Then they asked the concubine Ketosis Diet Wang Wan quietly, and found that the same was true, and the queen showed no signs of pregnancy. The two dared not ask the queen dire

low salt low fat dietsctly, so they talked about it in small talk. After hearing the secret of Keshi s pregnancy, Zhang Yan understood that the emperor chose a time when he was not easy to conceive every time when he was in contact with him. She was afraid of the two protein powder for keto diet nz concubines misunderstanding, so quickest way to lose weight safely she told them the truth. During the easy conception period, the emperor did not touch her body at all, indicating that she was also a victim. Zhu Youxiao always feels that it is a gift from heaven that he has three beautiful women to accompany him, so he always takes good care of them. They are always pleasant, without a single word Ketosis Diet of evil. In keto whipped cream this way, Zhang Yan needless to say, Duan Ying and Wang Wan also Not very afraid of him. The three of them discussed, went to the emperor, and asked the emperor to give them an explanation. That afternoon, Zhu Youxiao returned to the study and began to read the mint regulations and bank preparations that Li Zhizao handed over. Although the mint machine has not come, the regulations must be established first. At this time, the guest came to report, and the queen and the pure concubine, the concubine, came. As soon as Zhu Youxiao left the study, the three beauties knelt on the ground together, shocking Ketosis Diet him. He hurried to help the queen, but Zhang Ketosis Diet Yan refused to ketogenic bread in stores get up and weight loss quick said Since the emperor does not like Ketosis Diet concubine and others, please abolish the name of concubine and let the emperor re select the person he likes. Speaking of Zhu Youxiao s inexplicable, Ke Clan is still around wondering, don t the emperor and all the empresses seem to be very good everyday Today this is what I sang, but I don t know that it was what I accidentally said that caused the trouble. Zhu Youxiao said Where did the queen say, why would I not like you The emperor deliberately chose to wait for the concubine on the day when it is not easy to conceive. Isn t that just because he doesn t like the concubine What happened, Zhu Youxiao asked them to get up first, but they just couldn t get up. Pure concubine and Liang concubine also took the opportunity to ask the emperor to abolish their concubine status. It is best to give them death directly to make room for those who come later. The aggrieved appearance made Zhu Youxiao not know what to do. This is the case. The queen and concubine are both young. If they are pregnant, they will be bad for their health. The emperor, the concubine and the two sisters are all in their prime, and they are all grown ups. How can they get pregnant Is your health bad The emperor doesn t need to find a reason to comfort his concubines. Since the concubines have understood the emperor s meaning, they should tie their hair in the palace for the emperor to deal with. Zhang Yan stood up and walked out with the two concubines. Go with. Zhu Youxiao rushed in front of her and said Queen, don t worry, you sit down first, Ketosis Diet let me tell you the reason carefully, okay Zhang how to start a keto diet Yan was still unwilling, and the Keshi who reacted at this time knew it was his own Ketosis Diet For this reason, he quickly grabbed the queen s hand and said, Queen, the emperor must have troubles. It s better to listen to what the emperor says before making a decision. Zhang Yan just dropped the donkey, pretending to be twice, and followed Keshi went and sat on the chair, but Duan and Liang did not want to sit. They stood behind the queen separately. It looks like two bodyguards. Zhu Youxiao glance


average-weight-loss-per-month d at Keshi gratefully, and Keshi bowed his head how to lose weight fast men s health with a guilty conscience. Zhu Youxiao said Do you know that there is an adult Xu Guangqixu in the DPRK. This adult has been associated with Western missionaries and has studied many Western books. According to him, women do not really mature until they are 18 years old. The child is at the right time. If a woman is too young, giving birth to a child will be prone to dystocia, and it will be bad for the health of the child, and the child s health will also be affected. I listen to Xu Qing s words, and I want the queen and concubine not too early Conceived. Now the third concubine hates Xu Guangqi too. You can say that you are a minister and care about your state affairs. Tell Ketosis Diet the emperor what you are doing. However, Xu Guangqi, who was working in the Ministry of Liberty, sneezed several times. At this time, the Ketosis Diet Hakka immediately made up the aisle and said The emperor made a lot of sense. The concubine was only born at the age of 18. The son of the concubine is in good health, eats a lot, grows stronger, and often wrestles with others. It s a win. Zhu Youxiao also said Ketosis Diet Civil Ketosis Diet women give birth too early, and they often have both mothers and children ill or even both die. That s why I did this. The queen and Ai consort now understand. The three beauties understood that the emperor did this for lose 7 pounds in 7 days diet plan their own good, not to dislike them, so they let go of their hearts first, then they were moved, and then they blamed themselves. The emperor could think about them in this way, and sometimes the emperor wanted to play something. Fresh tricks, I even refused to cooperate on the grounds of shyness. I really shouldn t, it shouldn t be. So after the misunderstanding was resolved, Zhu Youxiao unlocked more postures in the harem, but it was a blessing in disguise. Wei Zhongxian came to report that day, and the last time he said about Li Sancai top weight loss foods was almost checked. Zhu Youxiao said Just speak directly, I won t quickest way to lose weight safely read it. Although Wei Zhongxian didn t know much, but his Ketosis Diet eloquence was very good, Zhu Youxiao asked him to speak directly. Anyway, he said it and let others write it. It may be a bit closer to the truth. Yes, the servant found out that the reason Yang Lian went to see Wang Dewan was because he had different opinions on Li Sancai in the Donglin Party. Donglin leaders like Liu Yisui, Ye Xianggao, Han Xu, and Zhou Jiamo They support Li Sancai, while Yang Lian, Zuo Guangdou, Zhao Nanxing, Gong Nai, and Huang Zunsu oppose Li Sancai. The reason for the conflict between the two factions is that Li Sancai is too rich. According to estimates, Li Sancai s wealth can reach lose weight fast tea ten million. Two silvers Stop, you are not mistaken, it is ten thousand two silvers Zhu Youxiao focused on the word silver. A while ago, Li Ruhua, Shangshu of the Ministry of Households, said that there is not much money in the treasury. Please pay attention to the emperor when rewarding. The slaves and maids are not mistaken. There are elderly people in the East Factory who specialize in estimating property. They estimate according to Li Sancai s daily expenses, houses, shops, and fields. The emperor knows that slaves are stupid and don t know him. How did they count, but the slaves asked them to proofread carefully, and they said there should be so many. Zhu Youxiao said furiously Where does he get so much money He actually embezzled so much money The emperor, Li S

the creator of the keto dietancai is indeed rich. The rare food in his family, like bear paws quickly drink menu and apes, is almost like radish and cabbage. However, Ketosis Diet it is said that the money was not from corruption, but from his normal business. How can normal business make so much money You re bragging again. This is indeed the case. Li Sancai is the chief of the merchants in Tongzhou. He has a large number of merchants under his name. Tongzhou is an important stop for water transport. When how to lose fat easy and fast Li Sancai was the governor of water transport, he kept clamoring to reduce the tax on water transport. People are striving for profit, and even the normal water transportation tax is often not collected, so if you don t make a fortune, you will be a ghost It s no wonder that they opposed the collection of mineral taxes. It turns out that the roots are here, so if they don t compete for profits with the people, they don t compete with the officials for profits. You continue to check. I don t believe that Li Sancai had clean hands and feet when he was the governor of the water transport. It would be difficult to get so much money just in normal business. Not only Li Sancai, but also other officials who have money in the family will also give me a good check. I do not believe that you cannot Online Shop Ketosis Diet Low Carb be cured. After Wei Zhongxian left, he summoned Xu Guangqi and showed him Li Sancai s materials first. After reading it, Xu Guangqi said, It seems that there are still people in Donglin who understand. Zhu Youxiao knew that he was speaking Ketosis Diet for Yang Lian, and snorted coldly I understand what, it s not that the party is in the same way. If he really understands, he should stand up and expose it. It is better to oppose it. He is 1 week weight loss results better. After returning Ketosis Diet from leave, I stood there without saying a word. He was never so quiet when I scolded Li Xuanshi. Your Majesty, as soon as you join a party, you will be a member of the party for life. If Yang Lian comes out to expose him, everyone in the world the ketone diet will very low calorie diet calculator despise him, but at least he has a conscience and knows that Li Sancai cannot be allowed to come to power, and he and Wang Dewan saidDoes not mean that he is against it. Okay, okay, I understand what my husband meant. Actually, I also know that Yang Lian is an outspoken person. Although he often disagrees with me, it is a different angle. Today I am looking Ketosis Diet for you for something else Xu Guangqi fell on his knees Weichen congratulated the world. His Majesty can be so sensible, it is indeed my great blessing. Zhu Youxiao Xiaoxiao accepted this flattery. He also knew that Xu Guangqi was speaking not only for Yang Lian, but also for all the ministers of the DPRK and China. He hoped that he would not Ketosis Diet be too paranoid when looking at the problem, and he should put himself in and think about whether others are also certain. In principle, he Ketosis Diet helped Xu Guangqi up and said, Mr. Xu, I understand that if I act badly in the future, I hope Mr. Xu can remind me often Xu Guangqi was his first Japanese lecturer, and he should call it a husband. Xu Guangqi said Of course, the emperor s behavior will not be bad, but the emperor s superiors are complicated. If there are things that cannot be taken into account, Ketosis Diet the ministers will make noises on their own, lest they will disturb the emperor s peace, then that would be a sin. Mr. Joked, let s get back to the subject. I have talked about the mineral tax with my husband before. I want to change the name of the mi