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Posted on 2020-08-21

Keto Diet Foods, Reduce Weight Biggest Discount Keto Diet Foods List, Pounds To Kilos. utside the city, he always wanted revenge, and he was not surprised but rejoiced when he heard Keto Diet Foods List that the Ming army was about to fight Shenyang. Azige said The Ming army has low carb frozen meals a kind of artillery, which is extremely powerful, and there is nothing less than siege Dege said disdainfully Although I did not participate in the battle of Liaoyang, I have seen the artillery of the Ming army before. Shenyang is such a high city, I don t believe that they can beat it down. Yue Tuo said Shenyang s food is no longer sufficient. According to this, it may only be supported for less than a month. The artillery of the Ming Army shark tank keto diet pills episode today is quite different from the previous ones. It s no longer a solid iron bullet, and it can explode after it hits the ground. We in Liaoyang suffer from this kind of shell attack. Degere was taken aback, and then said Can Weight Loss Guide Keto Diet Foods List (Non Gmo) you blow up the city wall They can t enter the city, There is no way for us. Yue Tuo shook his head If the number is enough, the city wall can be blown up. Degeri stopped making a sound, and the others fell silent. After a long time, Dai Shan sighed and said Let s defend first, if you can t keep it, then withdraw. Yue Tuo sighed inwardly If there is such an idea, the city will not be able to be defended, and the wall will explode. We can fill in or make up for it. If this battle can t be held anymore, then where we flee is nothing, it weight loss drinking water in the morning s better to surrender to the Ming army. Amin said in amazement, surrender, have you reached this point Yue Tuo said It s useless if you can t escape. If the Ming army chases and fights, our losses will be more serious, so we hold on first, and then surrender with conditions. This may lead to some loose conditions. Amin said No, you can t surrender anyway. Old Khan just went, and you just wanted to surrender. Back then, there were only 13 armors. Old Khan took us down most of Liaodong. Will we be worse than the old Khan back then Yue Tuo Said Today is different from the past. Back then, when the old Khan raised troops, some generals in the Ming Dynasty didn t pay attention or even condoned them to develop. Now we have fallen out with the Ming Dynasty, and the Ming army is always pressing on us to fight. It was the same back then. Amin said What s the difference We are still in the army now. Even if we return to Hetuala, we can also have nothing to Keto Diet Foods List do with the Ming army. I am willing to weight loss through dieting bring people back to Hetuala, but I don t want to be here. Surrender to the Ming army. Dorgon stepped forward and said I am the son of Da Khan, and I will not surrender to the Ming army even if I Keto Diet Foods List die. Having said that, Yue Tuo s surrender theory was unanimously condemned by everyone. Daishan also said Ben Khan must fight the Ming army to the end. If he fails to fight, he will return to Hetuala, and will not surrender to the Ming army in any case. Only Du Du and Shuotuo did not speak. Du Du is Yue Tuo Keto Diet Foods List who has discussed the current situation with him, and he understands that he can only surrender to the Ming Dynasty, hoping that the Ming Dynasty can allow Jurchen to return to Jianzhou, so that there may be a chance for a comeback. And Shuo Tuo felt that he had surrendered even more Okay, I can be the leader of the Jianzhou Nuzhen, but I didn t expect how the Ming army would let him dominate the Nuzhen Keto Diet Foods List without an inch of merit. So the final countermeasure everyone came up with was to hold Shenyang first, retu

lose 10 pounds 3 daysrn order diet pills online to Hetuala if there was any disagreement, and head northeast if it didn t work, in short, you could not surrender Mingren. After Shuotuo returned to the mansion, he immediately how much does dietary aide make per hour called in Yang San and said, Tomorrow night, I will open the west gate and ask Yang Yan to inform your army. After the two discussed the time and signal, Yang San left the Shuotuo mansion. When he came to Fan Wencheng s mansion, Fan Wencheng said Tomorrow the villain will open the city gate at the east gate to welcome the heavenly soldiers to enter the city to redeem the villain s sins. Yang Sandao Since I have abandoned the secret to the Ming, I don t need to Keto Diet Foods List talk about the atonement. The same hall serves as ministers and serves together for the power of Daming. Today Brother Fan has made a contribution, and Yang San will report the merits in detail, and the court will naturally grant a reward. After the two agreed on the time signal, Yang San and Bantang again After discussing the details, he found Lu Xiangsheng in the Ming army camp and found Lu Xiangsheng in the night. Lu Xiangsheng asked, Which side do you think is more reliable Yang San replied From the point of view of the officials, there are sufficient reasons for surrender on both sides. The tree falls and the gangsters are scattered, but that s all. Lu Xiangsheng smiled Anything. This is so thorough. Then rapid tone weight loss we will fight at the South Gate tomorrow. In the evening, we will go to the East Gate and the West Gate in two troops, led by General Man and I. The adjutant, summon low calorie ramen the generals above the battalion commander to the big tent, Let s Keto Diet Foods List discuss what to do later. After the officers entered the account, Lu Xiangsheng took out a structural drawing of Shenyang City and hung it in front, saying, Brothers, tomorrow we will enter the city from the east gate and the west gate. Assign tasks well, and each battalion must remember its own jurisdiction, and strive to make slaves unable to escape. The generals listened quietly to their tasks and asked some questions from time to time, and Lu Xiangsheng answered them one by one. Finally, he said This is the last battle to destroy slaves, and the monarchs work hard. If the slaves are cleaned up in this battle, everyone can go to the martial arts hall, so we must be stable, especially not let the construction Slave leader. Ordinary soldiers who build slaves will naturally not jump up without their masters. After the generals were dispersed, Yang San said, Keto Diet Foods List The officials are still a little worried. If you want to re enter Shenyang Keto Diet Foods List City again, you can watch it yourself. Lu Xiangsheng said. It s okay. You Keto Diet Foods List can focus on Ximen s Shuotuo. After General Man leads the team into the city, you will be your guide yourself. At the east gate, you can arrange for me to have someone alone. The next morning, the Guards Begin to deploy, push the cannon to 500 steps outside the city wall, and the whole army is full. At noon, the artillery began to roar, specifically attacking the south gate and both sides of the gate. It only took a few Keto Diet Foods List rounds of blooming bombs to splatter the masonry on the lose weight drinking sparkling water wall. The Guards stopped firing their cannons and started shouting, the content was nothing more than the slave chiefs. If you die, surrender as soon as possible to guarantee the first level. Otherwise, Keto Diet Foods List there will be no grass left after the city is broken. Degeri laughed and said vegetarian fast diet This is nothing more than th


facts-about-weight-in-science at. The Ming army is just mere vegetables for diets to lose weight intimidation. His words are quite reasonable, because the flower bombs are almost used up, and the people Lu Xiangsheng sent to urge them are still there. Walking on the sea. However, Lu creamer on ketogenic diet Xiangsheng didn t panic at all. Even if the plan to offer doors on Keto Diet Foods List both sides were unsuccessful, he estimated that Shenyang s grain would not last long. So it is only a matter of time before Shenyang is taken, but it would be better to take Shenyang if the guards could be saved less lives. The shelling during the day ended in a hasty way, and everyone in Houjin was relieved. It even made Yue Tuo suffer from other people s ridicule. Yue Tuo didn t care, but only ordered to strengthen the defense of the city gate tonight to prevent the Ming army from seizing the gate. Shuo Tuo volunteered to ask to Keto Diet Foods List guard the East Gate, because his mansion was near the East Gate, so Yue Tuo didn t suspect it. He guarded the South Gate himself, and Keto Diet Foods List Simon handed it over to Dege, and the North Gate to Dudu. After Yang San made an appointment with Fan Wencheng, leaving two Jinyiwei there, he went to Shuotuo s mansion by himself. Shuo Tuo excitedly said Yang Yu, I happened to guard the east gate. Once tonight is over, Daishan s dream has been shattered. Yang San smiled and said, Everything is due to Baylor. The bachelor said, we will share the same house in the future. As a minister, I have to ask Lord Belle to take care of it. Shuo Tuo laughed and said, It s easy to say that we will help each other in the vegetarian fast diet future, so that it will be easy Keto Diet Foods List to gain a foothold in the court. When is Lu Xueshi set Yang Sandao Baylor, Lu The bachelor said to open the door when Yin. Raise the fire three circles to the left as the number, and three circles to the right to respond. Shuo Tuo said I brought four Niu Lus from Zhenghongqi. They are all people who have followed me a long time ago. They will never open the door by then. There is a problem. At night Yin can you eat chickpeas on keto time 3 o clock in the middle of the nightthe Guards were already waiting outside the East and West Gates. Because they were not sure whether the internal response was reliable, they just told the soldiers, come here to see if there is a chance to sneak into the city go with. At this time, Man Gui saw a torch appear on the city wall and waved to the left three times. He immediately asked the signal soldier to take out the torch, ignite it, and wave it to the right three times. Then let the soldiers advance slowly, approaching Keto Diet Foods List the moat. Only a creaking sound was heard, the suspension bridge was lowered first, and then the city gate slowly opened. Man Gui turned his head and said Remember your position, one brigade and three battalions guard the gate, don t let people run out. He entered the gate with a spear, and Yang San greeted him at the door Master Man, this is Shuo Tobele. Shuo Tuo bowed his hands and said with a smile on his face Master Baylor has done such a great achievement. It is gratifying. Shuo Tuo smiled and said Don t dare, please ask General Man to order. Man Gui smiled Just ask Baylor to lead the way for our army, and grab the patron first. Soto didn t react for a while, Keto Diet Foods List because he knew Since then, Daishan has never girl loses dress been respected. It took a while to figure out So Tuo will bring General Man to catch Daishan to relieve my hatred. At this time, Fan Wencheng encountered some trouble in Ximen. Originally, after

how to use myfitnesspal for keto dietthe shelling in the daytime, the Deger class had obviously despised the attack on the Ming army, so he just came and went all the way to guard the west gate, and after a few orders, he went back. He left Niu Lu er. It was true that Tirth was a serious and responsible person. He was still taking human loss meaning his men to patrol until Zishi. Fan Wencheng was so anxious that he scratched his head but was helpless. It was super healthy foods for weight loss only more than an hour to see Yinshi s appointment. At the gate of the city, there were still a lot of Hou Jin soldiers patrolling. Fan Wencheng finally thought of a clever plan. He let Keto Diet Foods List people mix Keto Diet Foods List Mongolian sweat medicine in the wine, and made some cakes at home, and asked his family to come to the gate of the city and say Er true, the villain is still patrolling at this time. I have worked hard. I specially asked my family members to cook some food, and I would like to ask all the military masters to show their faces. Telsi looked at him warily, and thought for a long time before pointing at him Are you the scholar in the same library Fan Wencheng was overjoyed. Said Eu Zhen has a good memory, my little surname is Fan, now I am a bachelor of Tongwenguan. Thiel thought for a while, Tongwenguan and I have no friendship, why did you send us food Could it be that you want to get drunk We, then abandon the city and run away He said Keto Diet Foods List louder and louder, and finally drew the knife out. Fan Wencheng was shocked and said You really wronged me. I just watched the soldiers work hard, so I made people cook some food to comfort the soldiers. Telsi pointed the knife at him and said You are not eating. Poisoned You try it first. Fan Wencheng reluctantly picked up a pancake, took a few bites, and ate most of it, then took a barrel of wine with a bamboo tube and drank it in a few mouthfuls. Then looked at Telsi. Tells smiled and said Be careful, you tell me the truth, why do you send us food Fan Wencheng smiled flatteringly Uh, the situation is tense now. If there is any news, can you talk to me Say it in a small way. Telsi s suspicion was finally removed, he patted Fan Wencheng on the shoulder and said Keto Diet Foods List You are very real, you can rest assured, if there is anything, I will let someone notify you. Fan Wencheng Zuoyi said Thank you, Mr. Erzhen. The young can eating one meal a day help lose weight one lives in Xiaoqian Street in front. There is a poplar tree at the door. It is easy to find. Tells smiled and said, Everyone has something to eat first. Drink less, one Keto Diet Foods List person and one tube is enough. Those Houjin soldiers were already tired and hungry. Now that they have the words, they are naturally swarming. Fan Wencheng yelled, Don t worry, everyone has it. Everyone has it. Those soldiers ignored him at all. One person took two breads and started to chew with drinks. Fan Wencheng smiled bitterly and walked away to a quiet place, where his family took a pill Come to him. He whispered Two pills. After looking Weight Loss Guide Keto Diet Foods List (Non Gmo) at Jin Bing s eyes carefully, Fan Wencheng quickly swallowed the how to lose 10lbs in 3 days two antidote into his stomach, and he was relieved. The family said The Lord is so courageous. I scared the villain to death just now. Fan Wencheng smiled and said What s scaring to death, it s not poison, and drinking water help u lose weight it doesn t happen so fast. Fortunately, take the medicine in time. Otherwise, they will be exposed. Let them be prepared to open the city gate when the slaves Keto Diet Foods List fall down. Jin Yiwei said in a person Mr. Fan, the appointment time has not ar