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Posted on 2020-08-13

How To Start A Keto Diet, How To Keto Diet, Obesity Week 2017, Weight Loss Pills 2x Potent LA Premier Group. ntion the wives and daughters, even Xiao Susu was very excited. Then all the women rushed directly. Entering, Yue Yi walked slowly behind everyone with a wry smile. However, even the first floor was not completely finished, Xiao Susu was already tired, and he was unwilling to follow his mother and sisters in. The reason is very simple. Mom and sisters always change around. They have changed many sets of clothes forever. The grandma and aunts next to them also No one cares about Susu anymore. It s really not fun here at all. In the end, Xiao Susu gave up playing with his mother and sister and chose to return to his father s arms. In his father s arms, Xiao Susu felt very comfortable, because his father would not go in and change clothes. Yue Yi was also a little helpless, and started wandering outside the shop while holding his son, quietly waiting for his wife and daughters. But always wandering around like this is not a way, after all, it is really boring for people in the mall to stand at the door in a bustling manner. Of course, not only Yue Yi and Xiao Susu, but also other men were waiting at the entrance of the shop. It seems that the men who accompany their wives to the mall are basically in the same state. And among them, there are many men who How To Keto Diet hold children and so on. Sure enough, they are the same people who have fallen into the world. Everyone smiled at each other, and then Yue Yi felt that the man holding the child next to him seemed a little familiar. Just as Yue Yi tried to remember, thinking about who the other party was, the son in his arms first recognized the child in the other s arms. Eh Xiao Susu waved his little lose weight by eating two meals a day How To Keto Diet hand and stretched out his hand to gently pull the little guy in the arms of his uncle next to him. Soon the child in the Slimming Capsules How To Keto Diet Summer Essential arms of the man next to him noticed it and How To Keto Diet turned to look at the dancing Xiao Susu here. The next moment, the child seemed to recognize Xiao Susu, and greeted Xiao Susu with a smile. Seeing that the two children seemed very close, Yue Yi also subconsciously leaned against each other. Thinking that Susu finally met a child, maybe two children can play outside together But when Yue Yi tried to get closer, he found that the other party s father actually distanced himself from Yue Yi without even thinking about it. What s the situation Are your own fathers so scary Why does it seem like seeing yourself is like seeing an enemy Yue Yi was stunned in an instant, didn t quite understand what was How To Keto Diet going on Why did the other party avoid him and his son Xiao Susu didn How To Keto Diet t seem to give up, twisted his little butt in his father s arms, and stretched out his hand to hold the child over there. Then the child writhed in his father s arms, and also stretched out his little hand to try to hold hands with Susula. In this way, the two children tried to stretch out their hands, and lose weight oatmeal breakfast suddenly Yue Yi seemed to recognize each other in a daze. It seems that this person met at the playground that day, right The little girl named Qing Qing and her father. Wouldn t it be so calories in foods coincidental Could it be that my son is really related to such a little girl Finally, when Yue Yi was stunned, Xiao Qingqing s father couldn t bear it and turned his back to block her daughter and Xiao Susu. But what can i do to reduce belly fat the daughter seemed to ignore those. The little girl seemed to recognize Xiao Susu, so she tried to climb onto her father s How To Keto Diet shoulders. At this moment, outside a certain clothing store in a shopping mall, two children under the age of one are struggling to break through their parents obstruction. How is this suddenly Is the plot wrong Obviously they were still two children, how could it become a bloody drama Yue Yi woke up, condensed the strange thoughts in his head, and walked over with a cough. Hello, I didn t expect to see your father and daughter here. Everyone is really predestined. Hearing Yue Yi s initiative to say hello, he said Ev

ketogenic diet ketosiseryone is really predestinedand the girl s father turned around. Looks wary. Looking awkwardly at his outstretched palm, he How To Keto Diet saw the vigilant look in the other s father s eyes and the look of taking two steps back. Just say hello to yourself, don t you They are all children. Do you really think my son is fond of your daughter Encountering a full fledged daughter in law, it really made Yue Yi feel so helpless. But instead, think about it, what low fat tasty recipes if How To Keto Diet the daughters in the clothing store encountered the same situation Without hesitation, there was only one thought in my mind I should be more direct than this father, right But after thinking about it, I saw Xiao Susu and Xiao Qingqing seem to recognize each How To Keto Diet other, waving their little hands there and shouting. Yue Yi still said to the other party very seriously Hehehe, we are actually not malicious, we just have two children getting close. As How To Keto Diet a result, these words stimulated the other party, Xiao Qingqing s father immediately said in a deep voice What can be intimate Your family is a boy, my family is a girl, don t you know if men and women are unclear about it Seeing the other person s eyes that are thousands of miles away, you have no points in your heart. Yue Yi could only be helpless, but he didn t expect the other party to be so rebellious that he would not even allow his daughter to contact Xiao Susu. Feeling that the atmosphere is really embarrassing, Yue Yi can only open his mouth again and try to change the topic. You are also visiting the mall with your child s mother Ha ha ha, women go to the mall endlessly. It s a pity that Yue Yi still underestimated the other s defensiveness, and bluntly gave Yue Yi s words behind with indifference. Hold back. It s really aggrieved, how come you met such a dad with such a strong daughter control Xiao Susu and Xiao Qingqing are still looking at each other in the distance. Although the little guy can t what are some healthy foods to lose weight pull them together, the two little guys are still talking to each other. But the two fathers really couldn t say a word, the key is that the other s indifference made Yue Yi completely unable to speak. As a result, the two people kept a proper distance, standing at the door of a clothing store in the mall, waiting for the children s mother. At this moment, Yue Yi finally felt it. It was even stomache fat more uncomfortable than walking around the mall with his wife and daughters. After waiting for a while, the wife and daughters in the clothing store finally came out. Yue Yi felt relieved at this moment, feeling that his suffering was finally over. Su Linglu came out carrying a large bag and saw her husband standing silently, her son and The little girl babbled chatting. This scene really made Su Linglu a little confused, what s the situation When did my husband become so silent It stands to reason that Xiao Susu is so intimate with the little girl next to him, should her husband chat with the other s father Yue Yi held his son, waved to the little girl next to him, and forced a smile. Okay, mom and sisters are out, How To Keto Diet we and sister bye, we will go. Then, regardless of whether keto recipes on youtube the son understands or not, he hugged his son directly, and the wife carried the big bag Wife and children leave. Hahahaha After listening vegetarian friendly food to Yue Yi s innocent narration, Su Linglu How To Keto Diet couldn t help but laugh. Su Linglu really never thought that her excellent husband would sometimes be rejected like this by others. You know, wherever Yue Yi usually appears, foods to help weight loss he will always be the focus of children and parents. Almost all children like Aunt and have seen Aunt s animation, comics, and story books. The parents of the children are also very happy to let their children and aunts get close. Because most parents of children think that my aunt is a How To Keto Diet perfect model father who can teach his children many positive things. It s just that this encounter was completely different. A little girl s father guarded Y


ketogenic-diet-endurance-cycling ue Yi like a wolf. He actually ignored Yue Yi at all, and didn t even let Yue Yi get close to him. He had to keep a certain distance. It turns out that you have this kind of time I thought that everyone in this world would like you. Seeing his wife s smile and her flowers trembling, ketogenic lunch recipes easy Yue Yi was really depressed. Hey hey hey, is it so funny Don t you think that people are obviously detesting your son Su Linglu hugged Xiao Su Su after hearing this, and kissed Xiao Su Su regardless of his protest. A son. My son will not be rejected by others. My son is so beautiful. It is clear that your father was rejected by others. Then he teased the son in his arms and gave him a small haircut. How handsome is my son How else could he attract other girls so quickly So all the faults are the father s. Dad must be staring at the other girls and keep watching. As a result, I am afraid of ketogenic accelerator test seeing the other s father, so That s why I was disgusted and made our little Susu unable to play with my little sister. Listening to his wife taking care of herself, she pushed all the problems to herself in a single brain, which also made Yue Yi look helpless. In the future, Xiao Susu, you have to remember that you can t kiss other girls casually, you can only kiss your mother and sister. Also, don t be like your father, staring at beautiful girls. So people would not like it. Hearing his wife Each sentence to educate his son is to treat himself as a negative teaching material. Yue Yi was also speechless for a while, did not know how to speak It seemed that it was all my own mistakes. But then, on the second floor of the mall, the real nightmare kicked off. Originally, Yue Yi felt that the second floor was full of men s clothing, and women and girls would not miss too much. But what I didn t expect was that they no longer bought it for themselves this time, but instead bought it for Yue Yi. As a result, Yue Yi was forced to try on various clothes over and over again. You don t have to try each one These are obviously the same, and the colors are How To Keto Diet all the same. Where is the same Every one is different. Okay, pay attention How To Keto Diet to the details. Go ahead. When she heard what her aunt had How To Keto Diet said, the little girls were also helping her to speak together. Dad, hurry up, I have to try these, and this, this. Yes, these are different, you have to try different combinations, said the beautiful grandma. HaDad, hurry up, ketogenic diet effect on epilepsy we are here waiting for you, you have to be good. Hehehe, aunt, hurry up, there are many shops over there. At the urging of his wife and daughters, Yue Yi can only keep changing one by one. I really tried almost all the clothes in my store, even in different colors. Yue Yi finally felt the nightmare, and was really speechless by his wife and daughters. In the end, after trying a lap, he still bought a few pieces, stomache fat which made Yue Yi s burden unknowingly heavier. But one store obviously couldn t satisfy his wife and daughter, and Yue Yi was dragged into the next store. This, How To Keto Diet isn t this also a suit I think they are all the same, don t you need to try again At this time, the salesperson in the store stood up very competently and explained to Yue Yi with a smile Sir, our store The editions of these pieces are all the latest models, so there are still quite a few differences from other brands. You still have shark tank diet to wear them for a try. You have to try on the clothes to see the nuances of the publication Yue Yi heard the salesperson s words, and felt that the whole person was not good in an instant. Turning his head and glanced at the other person, there was a sorrow in his heart Do you need to do your duty like this Su Linglu, who had already planned to let herself go in, naturally smiled and urged when she heard these words. In desperation, he could only walk into the fitting room again with the clothes, take off the coat on his body, and then put on the clothes he brought in. The

losing weight with green coffee bean extract moment he walked out of the fitting room after How To Keto Diet a change, it happened that he ran into an acquaintance again. It was the guard girl crazy demon I met before, but I didn t expect the other party to be there Try on clothes in this shop. What made Yue Yi even more unexpected was How To Keto Diet that the clothes he was wearing were actually the same as his own. The other party was also taken aback, but quickly recovered, completely ignoring Yue Yi and walking out. Two men walked out of the fitting room one after another, almost at the same time seeing the two mothers surrounded by the girls. Obviously, the two mothers got along very well, and they didn t stop Xiao Susu and Xiao Qingqing from playing together. In this scene, Xiao Qingqing s father suddenly had blue veins on his fat girl eating cake forehead, and his breathing instantly became heavy. Standing behind the other party, seeing the other party s continuous movement of arms, forced the anger on his heart. I even worried about whether this new dress I tried on would be broken by the other party Looking at the other person s appearance, and this somewhat too sturdy figure, is it a wrestling practice Hey, there was no sign but it was foreseeable, and the suit that was not too loose was broken by the man. The salesperson in the store was also dumbfounded, and didn t expect this to happen. The man was also very dissatisfied and said immediately Are your clothes too poor in quality Doesn t you move your arm before you get out of the line The salesperson was helpless, so he hurried forward to apologize to the man and said that the clothes were not good. Need compensation from men. The man was not at all diet plan names polite, walked over to pull up his wife and children, and then left angrily. Seeing the little sister and leaving, Xiao Susu was immediately unhappy, clamoring to let the little sister come back. It s a pity that the little girl is also powerless, even lose weight calculator date the girl s mother can t hold back a man. Watching the little sister leave, Xiao Susu seemed to lose the meaning of life suddenly, and finally cried out with a small mouth. He burst his clothes directly, then hugged his daughter and took his wife away. He was really a very decisive man. The key is How To Keto Diet that weight loss plan for beginners before leaving the store, the other party also took the money at the counter, and that piece of clothing was compensated at the price. Accompanied by the cry of his son, everyone was a little embarrassed as they watched the extremely decisive guard girl crazy demon leave. After a long time, Su Linglu asked Yue Yi softly This man How To Keto Diet is the one you said before Yue Yi recovered and smiled bitterly at his wife helplessly. He stretched out his hand to take Xiao Susu over, and then began to coax his son very patiently to stop what is in a weight loss pill him crying. Su Linglu saw the wry smile on her husband s Slimming Capsules How To Keto Diet Summer Essential face, How To Keto Diet and she immediately understood that it should be the father of the goddess who was in her husband s mouth. It was really unexpected, and Su Linglu did not expect such a result. I originally thought that the