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Keto Diet, Online Shop Best Keto BHB Capsules Fodmap Diet Pdf, Calorie Count Recipes, LA Premier Group. . The Fodmap Diet Pdf old man resigned from the emperor on the same day and waited for the emperor to deal with it. An audience member in the gallery stood up and said, Zheng Shangshu, your performance impressed Xiao Xiao. After he said, they clapped. Most of the people next to them stood up and applauded together to show respect for the old man. Luo Yangxing thought to himself This is an old man who just admitted to committing the crime of instigating murder. Because he told the truth without sophistry, they all came to show respect to him. Sure enough, people are more tolerant of people who change from bad to good, but the emperor has said that this is actually wrong. Zheng Sanjun Now that it has been explained, the other two Shangshu can only confess. Because Zheng Sanjun s explanation actually involved the two of them, no matter how quibble they were at this time, it would mean losing the battle and losing again. Many people are not optimistic about the lawsuit that Slimming Tablets Fodmap Diet Pdf Fat Burner the Nanjing Court can handle, because Zheng Sanjun s slim fast keto fat bombs nutrition heart is clear, and the trial was successfully completed unexpectedly. In the end, Wang Yaliang ruled that the three Shangshu had violated the law, but at his old age, and the homicide did not cause real losses, it was just that the tax evasion as stated in the case had to be paid within one month and the tax was paid. Pay the same amount of fine. After Wang Yaliang s ruling was reported to the Dali Temple, Zhu Youxiao announced the removal of the three Shangshu posts and did not continue to arrange three new Shangshu. In addition to auditing, Chen Yincong actually has another arduous task, which is to record the entire process of the trial, and then write a big body fat diets chapter to submit to the newspaper. After the chapter reviewed by Zhu Youxiao was published in the newspaper, it caused great repercussions. On the one hand, everyone was surprised low fat menu ideas at Fodmap Diet Pdf the boldness of Nanjing Sanshangshu, on the other hand, they were even more amazed at the power of the court. Of course, many people, like those in the audience, expressed their recognition and respect for Zheng Sanjun, who was repentant. This makes Luo Yang very uncomfortable. He said to Luo Sigong, who rushed to Nanjing, What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. These three old thieves, brave and shameless, even because they had to admit under the circumstances, everyone in the world I think they are the best sugar free for keto diet doing the right thing. This is really ridiculous. Luo Sigong smiled and said You really make sense, but you have to know that forgiving others, especially forgiving the elderly, is a very important aspect of our Huaxia Ming. Component. It is indeed very good for Zheng Sanjun to repent at the last minute and cooperate with the court to review this case. For other people, it is very likely that Fodmap Diet Pdf he will continue to resist to the end. So we also need to see his good side. The Emperor. Didn t you tell me last time, this kind of Zheng Sanjun gives him a little more confidence in the scholars in the South. Zhu Youxiao, who has a little more confidence in the scholars in the South, is now with his closest partner. Wei Zhongxian discussed how to take this opportunity to carry out a cleanup in the south. Wei Zhongxian said with a beaming eyebrow Holy, our actions will be easier if we bring down these three old thieves. The slave servant has ordered the factory Fodmap Diet Pdf guard to continue to dig into the problem of tax evasion in Fodmap Diet Pdf the south. As long as there are problems in this regard, the holy Just by taking his Fodmap Diet Pdf official position, the southern officialdom will be able to change a large number of people. Zhu Youxiao also smiled This time we must pay attention to the fac

weight loss plan for met that the southern officials are either people we good meat to eat to lose weight can trust, or non compliances in the staff school. The students of southern origin, just to try a little bit in advance Fodmap Diet Pdf for officials who hold positions in other places. The monitoring function should also be strengthened. The focus is on monitoring officials. As long as the officials are clean, the world is naturally peaceful. Wei weight loss reviews Zhongxian said There are also the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Bureau of Economic Investigation and Statistics. The slaves are worried that some people in the factory guard are too courageous and collude with local officials, and the slaves sins will be serious. Zhu Youxiao said with a smile You do things, I don t worry. Wei Zhongxian s eyes narrowed with a smile The saint is really kind to the slaves, jennifer lamb weight loss now and the slaves can only pay back. Zhu Youxiao remembered at this time The final outcome of those who said this sentence and those who listened to this sentence is not very good, I hope our monarchs will not be Fodmap Diet Pdf like this. He said Well, you dig hard, the factory guard is responsible one week meal plan to lose weight for finding evidence, and the court is responsible for hearing the case. I think this kind of cooperation is very good. When the south is settled down, I would like to have time to see it. Wei Zhongxian shuddered when he thought that he was opposed by the ministers when he was just traveling in Beizhili last Fodmap Diet Pdf time. He wisely avoided the words and said, Holy, can the southern agricultural cooperatives start to be deployed In the north, there are basically agricultural cooperatives in every township. If you want to develop, you Fodmap Diet Pdf can only go to the how can i lose my gut south. Zhu Youxiao understands that the current situation is obviously impossible to compare with a few hundred years later. There is a cooperative in a township, which is already very good in this era. Moreover, the current population density is far lower than that of later generations. Every village is open. Cooperatives, I m afraid there are some difficulties. He thought for a while and said Of course, the South has to open cooperatives. However, there are some differences between the South and the North. You can start by opening a few branches in the relatively large and prosperous towns in the Fodmap Diet Pdf North. The branches are only responsible for selling goods, regardless of the purchase, so that you can promote this model in the South in the future. The population of the South is after all Will be more dense. Wei Zhongxian thought for a while and said, Holy Lord, this is a very good method. Farmers want to sell things and only the cooperatives can collect them. Of course, they will be willing to send them. But if you are buying something that is not very important, you may not go if you are far away. We can open more branches to make it easier for them to buy things. Zhu Youxiao said Also, make good use of the market, so that the cooperative can transport daily goods to the market Fodmap Diet Pdf for sale. This should be useful. The two discussed for a while, and Zhu Youxiao said, That s it, but you still put the tax inspection first. We must clean up the officialdom first. Only when the officialdom is clear can we guarantee the following matters. Wei Zhongxian sent Luo Sigong to Nanjing, and Luo Sigong showed his strength and sent his son and a few proud subordinates to various places in Nanzhili. A major tax inspection campaign was launched throughout Nanzhili. There is diet for weight loss fast the experience of Nanjing Sanshangshu. In the past, officials and businessmen at all levels did not dare to resist, either to wipe out the traces or to choose to hold Fodmap Diet Pdf back the pot. The more timid officials approached the factory guard s


Fodmap Diet Pdf

healthy-dish-recipes Qi Ai Ai, wanting to see if they could make up the tax to mitigate their guilt. Luo Sigong was overjoyed and ordered Jin Yiwei to receive warm reception as long as Fodmap Diet Pdf there were officials who wanted to pay taxes, and best food plan to lose weight fast told him that as long as the facts of the crime were clear and no other crimes were involved, they could be dealt with lightly. Luo Yangxing was very can you lose weight by intermittent fasting alone dissatisfied and ran back to find his old man to reason. Luo Sigong laughed and said A person who confesses the facts clearly, do you think that other people may not be involved Are these people involved How will they choose Instead of letting Jin Yiwei risk looking around, now someone sends evidence to us In front of us, why don t we laugh at it What I said is light disposal. This is what I said. When the time comes, we will deal with the court. The court does have provisions for light disposal of surrender, and it does not deceive them. What does it matter Luo Yangxing came in angrily, and finally bowed his head and left. Looking at his son s lonely back, the old commander Luo smiled and said to Cao Huachun It s good to be young and vigorous. Unfortunately, sometimes he doesn t think about it, but I hope he can understand that sometimes he can get it straight or get it in song. Please. Cao Huachun said with a smile The little Luo commander is aggressive and is a practical person. As for the problem of method, it is the last part in the Sajia s view. After more time, jennifer lamb weight loss now you will understand it. Dongchang and Jin Yiwei side While collecting evidence and handing it to the court, Liu Lisi and others were very busy, from Yingtian Mansion to Zhenjiang Mansion, from Yangzhou Mansion to Changzhou Mansion, from Suzhou Mansion to Songjiang Mansion, and kept prosecuting the officials. The yarn was taken down. Nanzhili s high protein low calorie foods official earthquake caused by tax evasion investigations quickly spread to Zhejiang. After the prefect of Jinhua was found to be involved in tax evasion and dismissed, the Zhejiang Fodmap Diet Pdf officials really panicked. Daming Weekly participated in the report throughout the entire process, and in this report, as long as the offending officials had studied at Donglin Academy, or had friendship with Wang Ji and others in Donglin, or even their disciples. Will publicize this connection wildly, making people feel that many offending officials are from Donglin. This made Ye Xianggao, Yang Lian and others extremely dissatisfied. After inquiring Wang Chengen failed, they came to the emperor together, hoping that the emperor would let Wang Chengen weight loss diets reduce this contact Fodmap Diet Pdf when reporting, so as not to affect the reputation of Donglin people. After hearing their intentions, Zhu Youxiao said with a smile Ye Shi has been ignored by the orthodox Donglin people for the past few years, and Yang Shangshu is regarded as a traitor by the Donglin people. Speaking for Donglin, I really admire me. Ye Xianggao s expression is not very good, he said There are indeed some people in the Donglin Party who have forgotten the words of the saints when they were in school, and turned to pursue the desire for money, but These are not mainstream. Wang Dujian is reporting, Deliberately linking corrupt officials with the people of Donglin, creating the impression that everyone in Donglin is greedy, and the old officials think this is unfair. Yang Lian said Although the minister is regarded as rebellious by most Donglin people, he still regards himself as a line of Donglin in his heart. It is Fodmap Diet Pdf true that some Donglin people have done too much and should be punished by the state law, but Wang Dujian did this. Obviously it was aimed at Donglin, so I m afraid it would greatly damage Donglin

how to lose 10 pounds in one months reputation. This is something we Donglin people don t want to see. Zhu Youxiao smiled and said, I understand the meaning of the two Aiqings. Speaking of food without fat deliberately targeting Donglin people, I would like to ask two people, do I deliberately target the two Aiqings Ye Xianggao hurriedly said Your Majesty is as kind to the old minister as the sea, and he is not biased by thinking that the minister is from Donglin. Yang Lian said The ministers often disagreed with his majesty back then, but his majesty did not alienate his ministers because of this, and entrusted him with important tasks. How could he deliberately target it Zhu Youxiao said Just like Zuo Guangdou, Li Banghua and other ministers, they are all recognized Donglin people, but I still trust to add to it. From this point of view, I really did not deliberately target Donglin people. However, I do have intentions to target Donglin people. Ye Yang was Fodmap Diet Pdf shocked in their hearts. Both of them are sensible. The emperor made it very clear that he did not deliberately target Donglin, but he has intentions in this regard. This is very meaningful. Zhu You Xiaocong A file was retrieved from the desk and said This is a healthy recipe for two statistical data on tax inspections in Nanzhili, you two may wish to take a Fodmap Diet Pdf look. Ye Xianggao took the dossier and handed it to Yang Lian s hands, saying Rus Slimming Tablets Fodmap Diet Pdf Fat Burner take a look and talk to the old man, the old man s eyes are really out of order. At this moment, Wei Zhongxian called a little eunuch, gave a few words, and the little eunuch came out. Yang Lian looked at the dossier, her face getting more and more ugly. After finally reading it, he sighed and said Ye ShiFor all officials involved in tax evasion in Nanzhili, more than 50 were from Donglin or had a close relationship with Donglin. Ye Xianggao s expression changed drastically. He took the file and tried to find evidence on it that could refute Yang Lian s statement, but he couldn t see the fine print. At this time, the little eunuch took a small box and came in. Wei Zhongxian took it over and said Ye Shi, this is our improved glasses, you can try Fodmap Diet Pdf it. Ye Xianggao looked at the glasses in the box and said Fodmap Diet Pdf Is this just an order Zhu Youxiao said with a smile The word is too complicated. I named it glasses, so that people can try it, so that the elderly can see the small print. The appeared earlier in China, but it has not been popularized on a large scale, so Ye Xianggao knows his name but has not seen the real thing. He picked up the glasses, and Wei Zhongxian said And let the Sajia show Ye Shi Ye Xianggao said with a smile Thanks to the factory father, I have heard of how to wear the clothes, let me give it a try. He put on his glasses, held up the dossier and said, It obese to healthy really weight loss drinks early morning is Good things, clear handwriting, old people are blessed. Yang Lian was a little impatient, but he Fodmap Diet Pdf couldn t say anything. Ye Xianggao low carbohydrate diet how finally remembered what he was going to do. He looked at the file carefully and, as Yang Fodmap Diet Pdf Lian said, the offending officials in Nan Zhili made statistics. Among them, the Donglin related ones actually reached 52. His face was pale, and he put down the file and said, The old minister understands what your Majesty meant. People