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Fasting Mimicking Diet, Best And Easiest Diet, LA Fitness LA Premier Group Fasting Mimicking Diet | Keto Flu Depression | LA Premier Group. and heaven can restrict him. Zhu Youxiao said Do you think God restricted Wu Zong Seeing that Wei Zhongxian stopped speaking, he went on to say The sky is nothing and ethereal. It is impossible to loose body fat quickly rely on the sky, and it is impossible to rely on personal morality. The only reliable thing is the system, the law. With so many laws, I want to restrict the Fasting Mimicking Diet emperor s power step by step to a certain range, so that the emperors of later generations cannot do whatever they want. Wei Zhongxian said puzzledly Holy, you are also the emperor. Zhu Youxiao said with a smile I am the emperor, but I am a different emperor. What the factory officials said just now makes sense. The supervision of power is very important. Therefore, I can give power to Fasting Mimicking Diet the ministers to implement, but the power of supervision must be firmly grasped in my hands. In addition to Dongchang and Jinyiwei, there are now the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Bureau of Economic Investigation and Statistics, and the Bureau of Military Investigation and Statistics in the army, all of which are to ensure the fairness best fat loss and seriousness of officials in exercising their power. Resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of private power. Wei Zhongxian said Holy, the old slave will definitely supervise the officials and let them act honestly for the holy. Zhu Youxiao smiled and said, How do you think that Lose Weight Fast Fasting Mimicking Diet Low Carb property cannot be shared Wei Zhongxian s spirit lifted Holy, this sentence is easy to understand. People are all the same, so they value their own things, and others don t care too much. The scholar has a saying, what is it called Fasting Mimicking Diet Zhu Youxiao said We cherish Fasting Mimicking Diet ourselves. Wei Zhongxian said Holy Sage, this is the word. If the property is public, then the things are not their own, who will cherish it After the property is publicly owned, if you work hard and work hard, is there any benefit to yourself Who will work hard very low calorie diet woman Just like a landlord, if he hires a part time job, the job he does is definitely worse than a long term job, because he is not ready to Fasting Mimicking Diet do it for a long time, so he can leave as soon as he can. The long term job is not as good as the one done by yourself. This is the same reason. So if the property is publicly owned, I am afraid that soon everyone will not even have food. Zhu Youxiao nodded. This is actually a very simple truth, so he has never understood how those people thought back then, they even started a big pot of rice, a strange way that children knew improperly. Zi starved so many Fasting Mimicking Diet people to death, and then threw the pot over the so called natural disaster. He smiled and said The factory minister is not bad, but he can think about so many things. It seems that he has had a lot of thinking on what foods are high in carbohydrates list weekdays. Wei Zhongxian laughed Holy Lord, sometimes the old slave can t understand some things. Like the Private Property Protection Law promulgated by the holy Lord last time, the old slave thinks that in the future, there will be many rules and regulations for murder and house hunting. This is not good. So last time I went to the Sun Pavilion department for advice. He told me that the saint is to lay the foundation for all ages. Only when everyone knows that what they are defending is their own property, then of course they will go desperately, so as to inspire the people of the whole country. The enthusiasm of everyone is to fight for their lives and property, and naturally they will do their best. Zhu Youxiao laughed and said, It is strange that the two of you, the friendship that was only used when training soldiers in the Beijing camp, lasted so long. Wei Zhong

fast metabolism diet chilixian said The Sun Pavilion Department does not despise the old slave for his disability. The old slave is deeply grateful, and at the time it was only the holy servant who killed a few people and helped him a little. He always felt that he owed favor to the old slave, so everyone has always ketosis cookbook nz got along well. Zhu Youxiao nodded and said Private friendship is private friendship, don t get confused in official affairs. Wei Zhongxian said Don t worry, the old slave knows it. On weekdays, the old slave didn t know anything about it, so he went to the Sun Pavilion department and sometimes everyone had a drink together. There has never been an exchange of official affairs between the East Factory and the Ministry of War. The fastest updated banknote has not yet been issued, and it has already reached the unexpected joy of splitting the big family. This makes Zhu Youxiao very satisfied. The new banknotes officially began to be issued in the first month of the 13th year of the Apocalypse. The new banknotes have the same image as the treasure paper. It s completely different. It s stiff thick paper with clear writing on Fasting Mimicking Diet it. On the front is Ming Royal Bank, and the denomination Fasting Mimicking Diet is on the bottom. On the reverse, there are provisions on penalties for counterfeiting in the Measures for the good diet meals Administration of Banknotes, and the time of issuance is indicated below. Although the newspaper As explained above, banknotes can be used for shopping in agricultural cooperatives and can also pay taxes. However, the psychological shadow of treasure banknotes on Daming people cannot be eliminated in a short time, so almost no people come to the bank to exchange banknotes. If you use paper money to Fasting Mimicking Diet shop in a store, the shop Xiaoer will always ask carefully Can the customer pay with copper coins Seeing this situation, Li Zhizao was very anxious. Although Zhu Fasting Mimicking Diet Youxiao told him that the simple diets for losing weight implementation of banknotes requires a gradual process, he is in charge of the bank. A large number of banknotes are printed but cannot be used. It made people very anxious. He went to Bi Ziyan to discuss countermeasures. Bi Ziyan had no good way. The two went to Xu Guangqi together. Xu Guangqi smiled and said, What is the urgency, good currency will always be acceptable. What s to worry about if I don t accept it for a while. Li Zhizao said So many banknotes are piled up in the bank, and they can t be piled up. Do you think I m worried or not Xu Guangqi said Then what can I do Can t send people to distribute banknotes from home to home. Li Zhizao s eyes lit up ketogenic diet ketoacidosis and said Can the can you lose weight by walking 5 km a day officials use all banknotes instead of silver coins this time when they pay their salaries Bi Ziyan said This month s salary is paid out with paper money below did i lose weight one yuan, and those with more than one yuan Distributed with silver coins. Li Zhizao said Anyway, one dollar banknotes are lighter and easier to handle than silver coins. Wouldn t it be better to use banknotes instead of silver coins Bi Ziyan hesitated I m afraid this will make the officials dissatisfied. Li Zhizao exclaimed Is there any dissatisfaction. As an official, he doesn t support the court s paper money. Does it make sense Bi Ziyan looked at Xu Guangqi, and Fasting Mimicking Diet Xu Guangqi thought for a while This is a big deal, I m afraid it will take a long time. Li Zhizao said I go to the emperor, I don t believe that the emperor will not support us. Xu Guangqi said This little thing is going to trouble the emperor again, it seems that we are too incompetent. Hold a cabinet Fasting Mimicking Diet meeting to discuss Fasting Mimicking Diet the issue of paying official salaries with paper money and see what ever


Fasting Mimicking Diet

home-diet-for-weight-loss yone says. He is the chief assistant of the cabinet and has the power to convene cabinet meetings. He only needs to report to the emperor by the Secretary for General Affairs after the event. The cabinet clerks will send notices to the cabinet ministries and ministers. At 2 o clock in the afternoon, everyone will come together. The meeting began. Xu Guangqi first said Today we are summoning everyone, mainly about the issue of banknotes. Of course everyone knows the meaning of banknote issuance, but now everyone seems to be not very active in the use of banknotes. In five days, the Royal Bank has exchanged a total of more than 300 yuan of banknotes. This situation is extremely unfavorable for the implementation of banknotes, so Let everyone discuss it and see if there is any good way. Sun Chuanting said Why don t you Fasting Mimicking Diet just let the emperor think of a solution Sun Chengzong stared at this unreliable family fiercely and said Everything has to trouble the emperor, so what do we need to do Sun Chuanting didn t dare to healthy weigh now speak out immediately. When he wanted to come, it was the easiest to ask the emperor directly. The living a healthy lifestyle is an example of loss prevention and control Fasting Mimicking Diet emperor would naturally give a method that proved effective afterwards. After so many people thought about it together, the final result might not be as good as dinintel weight loss pill the emperor s casual words. It s up to the emperor to come up with ideas, and everyone will execute them well. Yang Lian rarely opened his mouth and said, President Li, can you really exchange paper money for silver and copper coins at any time Does the bank charge no fees Li Zhizao said Of course, it can be exchanged at any time, at least there will be no fees now, and whether it will be Fasting Mimicking Diet received in the future depends on the specific circumstances. Yang Lian asked Why might it be accepted in the future Li Zhizao explained I am afraid that some people are bored and constantly exchange banknotes with silver coins, so a small fee may be charged to prevent this from happening. Yang Lian frowned Even if there are such people, there should be very few, so it s best to be free to exchange for free. Xu Guangqi also said Yes, never charge. Li Zhizao said Fasting Mimicking Diet Okay, then there will never be a charge for the exchange. Anyway, the increased workload is not a lot. There shouldn t be many people like this. Sun Chuanting interrupted Such a person should Fuck out with a mess. Sun Chengzong scolded What reason do you use to beat others out with sticks Since you allow others to exchange it, you can only exchange it for him. Zuo Guangdou said In order to prevent such a person, it is possible to stipulate that two way exchange cannot be carried out within a day. This is only an internal regulation of the bank, and there should be no problem. Li Zhizao said, This method is very good. Xu Guangqi coughed This is the case. Now the focus is on how to get everyone to accept banknotes. I have a discussion, that is, officials salaries are paid in paper money. Do you think there is any problem Sun Chengzong said This is not a problem. Officials will never object. Besides, they don t like paper money, so best way to lose belly fat male they can go to the bank to exchange it. The point is to allow merchants to accept banknotes. Now agricultural cooperatives and royal trading houses accept banknotes, but after all, they good diet meals occupy too little volume. Xiaomin s doubts about treasure banknotes have not been eliminated. This is a big problem. Mao Yuanyi hesitated and said, If merchants are forced to accept banknotes, will this be too much Everyone is silent. This is of course the simplest and most effective way. In fact, Fasting Mimicking Diet this is the way that eve

foods that burn lower belly fatryone thinks of first. Just forcing merchants to accept banknotes will obviously cause public resentment. In this way, those who decide to implement this plan will have to Undertake a lot of pressure. Sun Chengzong thought for a while and said Then do it, and send out patrols. As long as the merchant refuses to accept Fasting Mimicking Diet the banknotes, he will first persuade him. If Lose Weight Fast Fasting Mimicking Diet Low Carb the persuasion fails, he will close his shop. As for the reason, it is very simple. Doesn t the Administrative Measures on Paper Currency say that paper currency is Da Ming s legal tender If you refuse to accept legal currency, it is a violation of the Administrative Measures on Paper Currency. It is still light to close your store, and it would be nice if you did not catch ketogenic diet allowed foods you. Zhu Yanxi said Will this be too harsh Can you use other euphemistic methods to solve this problem peacefully Sun Chengzong laughed In fact, everyone knows that paper money is better than silver and copper coins. It is not only good for the court, but also good for businesses and people. We use compulsory methods to implement it, which may make people resent, but after you get used to it, you will find that paper money is actually more convenient. Sometimes people refuse to accept certain things because they are not bad, Fasting Mimicking Diet but because they do not realize their benefits. Our duty is to help them understand clearly. No other method can be simpler and faster than this method, and a peaceful solution is actually impossible. Xu Guangqi said Let s do this. First, the official s salary is paid in paper currency. The household department greets when withdrawing the salary, and is not allowed to go to the bank to what can i eat on a low carb diet exchange silver coins within ten days. The second is to patrol and patrol merchants who refuse to accept banknotes, and explain in the newspaper that banknotes shall be the legal tender of Ming Dynasty in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Measures on BanknotesRejection is illegal. The 299th Imperial Examination and Culture Zhu Youxiao smiled after seeing the record of the cabinet meeting. Sun Chengzong s performance made him very satisfied. He has understood the people s psychology and knows best cardio workout to lose weight fast how to make the people accept it. A good policy has become a pragmatic official. And the original Donglin people like Yang Lian and Zuo Guangdou have gradually lost the traditional style of good bluffs and light facts. Both became capable officials capable of acting on their own. In the original history, both of them had died in prison, but now they are regarded as a book. They have done their best for the agriculture and water conservancy undertakings of Ming Dynasty, and obtained the agreement of the ministers and the people. Praise. It can be seen that the emperor s preferences are easy for officials to know, and it has a guiding role for the entire officialdom. Like the Jiajing emperor who was obsessed with teaching, there was the praise of the losing 2 pounds a week prime minister Yan Song, and the ministers all came to write the youth. Words. Now that Zhu Youxu wants to deal with practical officials, the officials can easily Fasting Mimicking Diet change from the daily excitement and current Fasting Mimicking Diet affairs to pragmatic and promising. Therefore, there is a lot of truth in this sentence. The upper beam Fasting Mimicking Diet is not correct and the lower beam is crooked. It is the essence of the matter. The number of officials in Daming is increasing rapidly. After the students from the staff where can i buy science diet school and accounting school entered the government offices at all levels for internships, those with outstanding performance were quickly promoted. In the new departments such a