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Keto Diet Meal Plan, Weight Loss Supplements Endomorph Diet, Keto Diet One High Carb Day, LA Premier Group. lanting base to whom. Xiao Yuan immediately called Lin Lan and asked Lin Lan to discuss the matter. Of course, the reason why Xiao Yuan asked Lin Lan to discuss this matter was mainly because Xiao Yuan s own money was not enough He had previously spent more than 10 million to loose tummy weight fast buy that floor of the office building, and he didn t have much money. If he wants to buy this rice planting base, he must manage Lin Lan s money. When Lin Lan learned that Xiaoyuan was going to buy the rice planting base, she strongly opposed it. Xiaoyuan, you can t do that. I am against you bidding for the rice planting base Lin Lan said to Xiaoyuan The reason why the city government wants to sell the rice Endomorph Diet planting base is because the rice planting base has poor yields. And that is a very large planting base. Once it is taken over, the operating cost is very high. You can also take over such a big hot potato Xiao Yuan smiled and said, Hot potato I don t think it s true. With confidence, as long as I Endomorph Diet take over this planting base, I will definitely be able to increase the rice output to twice or more. Lin Lan looked at Xiaoyuan with a complicated expression and said, Are you sure I m sure. Xiao Yuan nodded Although this sounds a bit crazy, our Keyuan Technology Company is to do something Crazy things for the world to see. Ok. Lin Lan nodded and said, You are the chairman. Since you have decided, then I will support you too. Although what Xiao Yuan said sounds incredible, but Lin Lan knows that Xiao Yuan how to lose weight dieting only is someone who has created miracles several times, so she is still full of expectations for Xiao Yuan. You can t just verbal support. What Do you have to take action Xiao Yuan smiled I only have a few million now, and I can t afford this planting base, so I have to borrow some. Lin Lan was taken aback after hearing this, and then smiled bitterly No wonder you asked me to discuss it. If you Endomorph Diet have enough money, you shouldn t tell me at all, right Okay, don t worry about funding, I can still put out a few million here, and it s no problem to make up 10 million. But after ok foods I took out the money, it was Endomorph Diet also owned by the company, so don t say anything about borrowing or not. Well, that s it. The bidding meeting for this rice planting base will be held in two days. Then you can go with me. Xiao Yuan said. Good. Lin Lan nodded and immediately agreed. Two days later, Xiao Recommend Endomorph Diet Biggest Discount Yuan went to the city to participate in the bidding meeting for the rice planting base. Lin Lan also accompanied Xiao Yuan. When they arrived at the bidding meeting, the two I found that in addition to them, there are more than a dozen companies that came to bid. Interestingly, the remaining dozen companies that came to bid are all large companies in Jiangbin City, including Chengfeng Group. What s more interesting is that the person in charge of Chengfeng Group s bid this time is Lin Ziqiang. Lin Ziqiang is the prince of Chengfeng Group and vice president of Chengfeng Group. This time he personally came Participating in the bidding for this rice planting base shows that Chengfeng Group attaches great importance to this bid. As the so called enemy meets, he was extremely jealous. After seeing lose weight in 30 days app google play Xiao Yuan, Lin Ziqiang was taken aback and then sneered Xiao Yuan Far away, did you come here to bid As far as I know, Endomorph Diet you don t even have a company, right A month ago, I just established a new company. Xiao Yuan smiled faintly, not humbled or said. Lin Ziqiang grinned and said contemptuously A new company that has just been established dare to bid here Don t look at it. What companies are bidding today I advise you to go back quickly, so as not to b

lose 10 lbs 3 weekse ashamed of waiting a while. Xiao Yuan smiled softly Don t speak too early. It s not necessarily who will be ashamed later. Hmph, calorie deficit diet plan to lose weight overwhelmingly. Lin Ziqiang snorted coldly, then turned and walked away. This seems to be the vice president of Chengfeng Group. Why, you have a holiday with him Lin Lan asked curiously. It s no holiday, but my former girlfriend has followed losing belly fat fast him now. Xiao Yuan said lightly. Umwell. Wen Yan realized that Lin Lan seemed to have asked questions that shouldn t be asked, so she didn t ask any more. Unexpectedly, there are so many big companies bidding. It seems we are under a lot of pressure. Lin Lan changed the subject. Now you can finally realize the value of this rice planting base, right Xiao Yuan smiled. After hearing that Lin Lan nodded, she knew that these big companies were not fools, and the projects that could be looked upon by them were definitely extremely promising. However, since so many big companies have come to bid, the chances of us winning are very small depending on you. Lin Lan immediately said with some worry. Xiao Yuan smiled and said These big companies do have a few blocks away from us in terms of financial resources and resources, but in terms of innovation capabilities, our Keyuan Technology Co. Ltd. Can do just a few blocks away from them. Seeing the leaders of several city governments walking towards them. This time, the director of the Municipal Agriculture Bureau is responsible for the bidding, because the rice planting base was originally managed by the Municipal Agriculture Bureau. After the director of the Municipal Agriculture Bureau and many business representatives greeted them one by one, they walked to Xiaoyuan and said with a smile Hello, I am Pang Zhonghua, the director of Endomorph Diet the Municipal Agriculture Bureau. Xiaoyuan smiled and said, I am Xiao Yuan, I m the CEO of Keyuan Technology Company. Keyuan Technology Company Pang Zhonghua was taken aback after hearing this. Obviously he had never heard of this Keyuan Technology Company. At this time, a person next to him whispered. Remind Director Pang, the very popular off season carrots on the market a while ago were grown by Keyuan Technology. Oh That s how it is Hearing this, Pang Zhonghua fastest way to lose suddenly realized that he looked towards Xiaoyuan. The eyes are a little different. The off season carrots a while keto cycle reviews ago caused great repercussions in Binjiang City. As the director of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, Pang Zhonghua naturally knew about it. He was still wondering Endomorph Diet when to put the CEO of the company that developed this kind of carrots. Please come to the Bureau of Agriculture to have a chat. I didn t expect this person to be here now. At the moment Pang Zhonghua smiled keto recipes salmon and said, Young people, the off season carrots a while ago were developed Endomorph Diet by your company, right It s amazing, our Jiangbin city needs innovative companies like yours And beside, others The business representatives of Pang Zhonghua were so enthusiastic about Xiaoyuan, but they couldn t Endomorph Diet help but wonder. This Director Pang is too unclear, right How to treat an unknown small business representative with more enthusiasm than to treat them After a while, Xiao Yuan and others were seated, and the how much good fats should i eat a day bidding conference officially began. In the first part of the bidding conference, Endomorph Diet Pang Zhonghua came to the stage and gave a speech to explain the purpose of the bidding conference. Later, other business representatives successively took the stage to give speeches. In the course of the speeches of these business representatives, they have always emphasized the resources and financial resources they have. T


Endomorph Diet

ketogenic-pills hey are confident that with these things, after taking over the rice planting base, they will be able to operate very well. It is worth mentioning that among these companies, the most Endomorph Diet abundant financial resources and resources are naturally the Chengfeng Group represented by Lin Ziqiang, so when he took the stage to give a speech, future anti obesity drug development the voice was the loudest. Those city leaders listened to him. The speeches also nod frequently, which obviously recognizes Chengfeng Group the most. Therefore, after Lin Ziqiang finished speaking, he also had a complacent expression. In his opinion, this rice planting base must have been in their Fengcheng Group s pocket. After a while, it was Endomorph Diet Xiao Yuan s turn to speak on stage. Xiao Yuan stepped onto the stage, looked down at the stage, and said loudly, I am the CEO of Keyuan Technology Company, Xiao Yuan. As soon as Xiao Yuan said this, the discussion immediately started. Keyuan Technology Company What company is that Why haven t I heard of it Hey, even such a small company dare to bid, I really don t know where how much weight can you lose if you fast the courage comes from. At this time, these people looked towards lowest calorie alcohol Xiao The distant gaze is undoubtedly disdainful. In their opinion, a little known small company came Endomorph Diet here just to join in the fun. Can the city government sell such a large base to a small company From the expressions of those people, Xiaoyuan could of course feel their disdain, but Xiaoyuan didn t care about it at all, and still said without changing his face I know that compared to many companies that participated in the bidding today,My company, Keyuan Technology, is just an insignificant small company. We admit that among all the companies bidding today, our resources are the least, and we are also the poorest. However, our ability to innovate in agriculture is absolutely It is the strongest If the municipal government can transfer this rice planting base to Keyuan Technology, then I can guarantee that the rice output of this base will be at least doubled within half a year Although Xiaoyuan did not explicitly say that the municipal government could What benefits can be obtained from this, but it is obvious once the rice production of this rice planting keto cycle reviews base is high, at least, the city government can get more tax from it. Of course, in addition, if a successful company rises, it will be able to drive the development of agriculture in the city. However, although Xiao Yuan s vision is very good, it is unavoidable to be bragging when it falls in the ears of dietary supplement product others. As soon Endomorph Diet as Xiaoyuan finished speaking, Lin Ziqiang took the lead and stood up and sneered Mr. Xiaoyuan, do you brag and don t write drafts You can double the rice output of the base It s not ashaming I think back then, the Chinese Academy of Sciences After Academician Yuan Longping developed hybrid riceIt only made the average yield of rice 10 higher than the original. Do Endomorph Diet you think it is even better than Academician Yuan Longping After hearing Lin Ziqiang s words, the others nodded, obviously agreeing with Lin Ziqiang s words. They all felt that Xiao Yuan was just opening his eyes and talking nonsense Xiao Yuan said indifferently, I admit, Yuan Longping. The academician developed hybrid rice that year, which is indeed a great feat. However, hybrid rice is by no means the end of rice scientific research, and I will stand on the shoulders of giants and develop high quality varieties with higher yields than super hybrid rice Haha, this kid actually thought he could surpass Yuan Longping It s so ridiculous Does he think that if he is a farmer, he can become the second Yuan Longping In this way, Xiao Yuan

what causes weight lossstepped off the stage amidst the ridicule of everyone. He didn t care about the ridicule of these people, because he knew that these city leaders could judge who was the most suitable candidate to take over the rice planting base. After a while, all the business representatives finished their speeches. Based on the speeches of many business representatives, the city leaders who attended today finally came up with the result after half an hour of discussion. I saw Director Pang of the Agriculture Bureau leave. On the stage, he was responsible for announcing the final result. Next, I announce that the company that won the bid this time is Endomorph Diet Director Pang s eyes fell on Xiao Yuan, and he said loudly Keyuan Technology Company what Did I hear it Endomorph Diet wrong Is there nothing wrong with my ears It turned out to be Keyuan Technology Director Pang made no mistake, right As for this result, everyone obviously couldn t accept it. As for Lin Ziqiang, his face was even more gloomy, Endomorph Diet because originally in his opinion, this rice planting base should belong to his Fengcheng Group Of course Director Pang also saw that In response to the shock and confusion of the audience, he smiled, most effective way to loose fat and then said I know that Endomorph Diet Keyuan Technology is only a small company now, and it is not lose weight plan well known in our Binjiang City. And the reason why we Endomorph Diet finally chose Keyuan Technology Company is because we fancy weight reduction diet plans the company s innovative capabilities. After a while, Xiao Yuan stepped onto i am fat and want to lose weight the podium and delivered his acceptance speech. Thank you very much to all the leaders for giving this opportunity to Keyuan Technology. As Director Pang said just now, our Keyuan Technology Company is now only a small company, but I ask myself that in terms of innovation capabilities, our Keyuan Technology Company is better than today s bidding for other companies. As soon as Xiao Yuan said this, the faces of the business representatives in the audience were very ugly. Although Xiao Yuan didn t say it clearly, his meaning was obvious I am not targeting anyone, who I am. Everyone here is a hot chicken Since the city has handed over this rice seeding base to our department Source technology, for us, is weight loss pill that starts with l both an opportunity and a responsibility. As the CEO of Keyuan Technology, I solemnly promised here today that within one year, I will more than double the output of this rice planting base, so as to make a contribution to the agriculture of our Binjiang City As soon as Xiao Yuan s voice fell, Lin Ziqiang in the audience suddenly stood up and sneered Xiao Yuan, don t patronize bragging. I tell you, you will say everything you say here today. Responsible. You said that at least the output of this rice base can be doubled within a year. What if you fail to do so by then If I fail to do so, I will return this rice planting base to the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, and I don t need a cent. Xiao Yuan said. As soon as Xiao Yuan said this, everyone in the audience was shocked. In fact, many companies inevitably exaggerate and make some promises that cannot be fully realized. Anyway, the city government will not I care about you, but Xiao Yuan said this in public this time, that s different. He won t be Endomorph Diet able to let it go by then. So many people s faces suddenly showed mocking expressions, and thought After all, this kid is Recommend Endomorph Diet Biggest Discount still too young. He is so uncomfortable. When he is excited by others, he will say such stupid things. If such stupid words are said, isn t it clear that the rice planting base will be returned to the city government next year Come, Xiao Yuan wants to double the rice output within a year, which is obviously impossible. Lin Ziq