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Posted on 2020-08-22

Dash Diet Meal Plan, Fastest Diet, High Protein Ketogenic Diet 5 Week Weight Loss Challenge | Dash Diet Meal Plan | LA Premier Group. ing the hotel with disheveled clothes and hugging left and right. Seeing this, Jin Juntong shook his head, greatly disappointed with Jing Que s unscrupulous and unrestrained appearance. Soon, Jin Juntong returned to his small courtyard. Before he could catch his breath, an attendant came to report Thanks to Taifu Yin, Sima Jingque sent a messenger to post the greeting card, and asked to have a meeting with Taifu Yin. Sima Jingque wants to see me Jin Jun was stunned. Although he was seldom disappointed with Jing Que s behavior just now, Jing Que, as Sima, is still above his imperial court Yin. Now Jing Que is actively posting. He is also not missing. Therefore, Jin Juntong immediately responded Please, I will meet you personally. No. Before long, Jin Juntong led Jing Que into the hall. After the two of them sat down as the guest and the host, Jing Que smiled. Said Taifu Yin, when I how to lose weight in four easy steps arrived in Wancheng, I heard that keto foods to eat Taifu Yin was also on business in Wancheng and Best Weight Loss Dash Diet Meal Plan Healthy Weight Loss lived next door. So I took the liberty to disturb me. I hope Taifu Yin is not to blame. There, Sima Visit, this the Dash Diet Meal Plan two talked for a long time. Finally, before leaving, Jing Que suddenly said Taifu Yin, stayed in Fangcheng Town for a long time, and never returned to Yingdu for many years. I don t know what exactly is happening with Yingdu. I don t know if Taifu Yin can talk about Dash Diet Meal Plan it, after returning to Yingdu, what should I pay attention to Jin Jun heard the same, shook his drinking garlic water lose weight head, and then bowed his hands in salute Sima is ashamed, Sima is a senior. It is the pillar of the country, and you should ask Sima for advice. Jing Que smiled and said, Taifu Yin doesn t have to be like this. As the saying goes, he has a specialization in surgery. Although he is older, he still hasn t returned to Yingdu for many years. Fu Yin is by the side of the king for a long time, and he knows the inner affairs of Yingdu. There is a saying in the art of war know yourself and the enemy, and you will never end up in battle. The current situation of Yingdu is exactly what is urgently needed in the next, and I hope Taifu Yin does not have to Dash Diet Meal Plan refuse. Sima is too worried. Jin Juntong gave in again and again, but seeing that he couldn t push it, he didn t dare to point out what the scene lacked, so he had to speak Simajiu Town Border, hard work, great achievements, and the king s trust, if you point out, There is really nothing to point out. However, regarding Jingyang s affairs, I also ask Sima to pay attention to one or two. Although Jingyang was loved by the king, he was entrusted with heavy responsibility by the king at a young age and promoted to the guard of Huaiyin. However, Jingyang took in a new concubine every few months in Huaiyin, and then sent the new concubine away soon. Now the name of Jingyang s healthy diet yogurt tyrannical lust is not only spread in Huaiyin, but also spread to Yingdu. And was often reprimanded by the king, but Jing Yang still did not Dash Diet Meal Plan change his own way. Regarding this, the king was very distressed. Therefore, I thought that after Sima returned to the

how to lose excess belly fat capital, Jingyang should be advised more. Jing Que was taken aback, paused, and then looked at Jin Juntong with a wry smile I think that the indecent side just now was seen by Taifu Yin. Jin Jun Tong immediately admitted to Jing Que, and immediately embarrassed in his heart, but said in a big surprise on his face What indecent is Sima just now I don t know what Sima means Taifu Yin doesn t need to conceal for Lie Xia, Xia Xia knows that she just wandered on the street just now, it is indeed very indecent. Speaking, Jing Que sighed with worries However, those who know me do not worry about me, those who do not know me do what I ask for, and pity my heart of worrying about the country and the people, but the one who knows. Jin Jun heard that Jingque made such an astonishing act because he was worried about Dash Diet Meal Plan the country and the people. He couldn t help but straightened his clothes, and then bowed best legit weight loss pill his hands with a serious face and said Sima, I m dull, I don t know Sima. Deeply, please Sima for advice Took it Jing Que smiled secretly in his heart. After talking to Jin Jun for so long, isn t it what Jin Jun said. Taifu Yin Jing Que said with sadness on his face, and said affectionately Presumably you lose weight drinking lemon water also know that in order to resist the attacks of Qin, Han and Wei Dash Diet Meal Plan this time, I, Chu, paid a very heavy price and the entire Hanbei County was crippled. In almost every household, males died in battle, and even the adult males in many households died in battle, and lose a many women became widows. Jin Juntong listened to Jing Que s words and nodded involuntarily. As the host of the statistical tax books, he was deeply touched by weighth this. Take Fangcheng County, where the war was the worst, basically All were called up to fight, but the number of Ding Zhuang who died in the battle at Fangcheng was as high Dash Diet Meal Plan as 70and there were many injured and disabled. Therefore, in Fangcheng County, although each household was allocated hundreds of mu Wang Tian, but Wang Tian in Fangcheng County still has a lot of land. The distribution is over, not because Fangcheng has a lot of land, but because Fangcheng s males have died many wightloss times, and there are few people who divide the land. At this time, Jing Que nodded when he saw Jin Juntong, and continued Taifu Yin, although she is lustful in Xia, but she is not lustful in Xia Xia, she is so anxious to make such a beastly move. Xia Zhisuo did so, That s because the two beautiful concubines underneath have special identities. Jing how much weight to lose in a week Que defended himself, and then Dash Diet Meal Plan asked Taifu Yin knows who the two beautiful concubines are just next to the lower body Jin Jun also saw Jing. Queyou talked about the beauty he had just played in the street. After thinking about it, she couldn t figure out the identity of the beauty, so she shook her head in confusion. Taifu Yin did not know that the two beautiful concubines below were the widows of the people who died in this battle. Widow Jin Jun was shocked. Yes, it s the widows. They are all women who have been married for Dash Diet Meal Plan a few years. Their husbands died in


weight-loss-plan-for-beginners the battle not long ago, but there are still children to raise at home, but they are just women. The husband is dead, how can they afford it Take up the responsibility of raising young children. Therefore, in order to enable them to have enough money to raise children, they will marry them as what can make you lose your appetite concubines with generous gifts. One way they can save their hard work, and the other is to allow their young children to grow up normally. Uh Jin Juntong didn t know what to say. Saying that Jing Que took advantage of the fire and robbed him, this was indeed a case of taking advantage of others. Say Jing Que helps the danger and rescues the poor, that s also counted. After all, it is commonplace for widows to abandon their young sons and remarry others now that the husband is dead. Although Jing Que married a widow, he also left a wealth for the youngest son to grow up. This seemed to be a relief to the people. It s Dash Diet Meal Plan just that Jing Que did this thing, Dash Diet Meal Plan saying that he was kind, but he definitely couldn t say it. Just when Jin Juntong didn t know what to say Dash Diet Meal Plan about Jing Que, Jing Que sighed Taifu Yin, I know that it s hard to tell me what I did, but for the prosperity of the how to lose 5 pounds quickly country, I am a little ashamed. But I still have to say it. Jin Jun was shocked, why did his Jing Dash Diet Meal Plan Que take the opportunity to marry a concubine to be linked to the country s prosperity Shamelessness also has a bottom line While secretly cursing in his heart, Jing Que continued over there In today s world, wars are frequent. One of the strengths of a country Dash Diet Meal Plan lies in the vastness and fertility of the land, and the other lies in the size of the population. Therefore, it is precisely for more people. When the king led all countries to besiege Qi, he would despise Qi s wealth, value Qi s population, and reward the generals who captured a large number of people. Jin Jun nodded solemnly with the same face. Now how many people are in Shudi in Huainan. Tens of thousands of former Qi people, all these people were looted by the Chu army more than ten years ago. In order to increase the population, the king not only plundered the population, but also encouraged the people in the country to have more births and more children. For this, the king reopened the Yunmeng Meeting and let Men and women of school age go to Yunmeng to meet each other, and every year, the king releases the older women in the palace to marry people, and calls on the officials and nobles 10 lb weight loss before and after to let the elderly slaves and fat protein efficient body diet maids in the family marry. Isn t the king doing all this to increase the population And the next thing is to increase the population of Chu State. Jing Que sighed The casualties in Hanbei County during the Battle of Hanbei are really too great. There are a lot of casualties among men, and a large number of women have lost their husbands. Now, with the remaining women alone, I am afraid that Hanbei County will not be able to recover within 20 years. Therefore, in order to restore the vitality of Hanbei County as soon as possible and make the lose weight drinking lemon water population of Hanbei Count

do diet pills worky abundant again, before leaving Fangchengshou, the local Fangcheng defenders in Hanbei were called on to marry more wives and concubines and have children. To this end, Ben will also set an example by personally marrying two widowed concubines, to avoid the soldiers grudges because they are widows. Speaking of this, Jing Que showed a hint of sorrow Under the encouragement and drive of Ben will not hesitate to be infamy, now there is no single Ding Zhuang among the soldiers in Fangcheng s defense. Now they also have at least one wife. There are several concubines. But Dash Diet Meal Plan Jing Queyou shook his head Dash Diet Meal Plan However, now that the war has stopped, South Korea has surrendered, and Wei has been crippled to guard against the Fangcheng defenders of both Korea and Wei. There are not many people left. The guards of the city, even if they all have one wife and three concubines, they can t even marry the widows of Fangcheng County. The remaining strong women cannot get married and have fastest way to burn belly fat at home children because there are proper diet food not enough males. Isn t this too miserable Not only is it bad for them, but strong women cannot have children, but it is also bad for the country. Therefore, in the next road, every time I enter the city, I will slander the market. This is not because I don t know Best Weight Loss Dash Diet Meal Plan Healthy Weight Loss the etiquette and shame, Dash Diet Meal Plan nor is I inseparable from the beauty at the side of the horny and ill. In fact, I set an example and call on capable ketosis cookbook for sale men everywhere to marry more. Wife and concubine, have children for the country At this time, after Jin Juntong knew his true purpose from Jing Que, he was immediately shocked. Unexpectedly, Jing Que had such a lofty purpose underneath the appearance of Jing Que s arrogant shape, and Jing Que wanted to Dash Diet Meal Plan make Chu Chu The country is so powerful that he can face such rumors and rumors, even at the expense of his own fame. Yes, before Jingque has never been lascivious rumors, not to Dash Diet Meal Plan mention that he made such self destruction at the critical juncture of entering the DPRK as Sima. Xianming s actions are all for the Chu country. Jin Jun also bowed his hands and worshiped I am ashamed, I don t know the deep meaning of Sima, so I misunderstood Sima, ashamed, ashamed. Lao Tzu said that morality is not moral, and I always sneered at this sentence before, thinking it was Lao low calorie meal plan Tzu who said it wrong, but I saw Sima today and I believed Lao Tzu said that morality is not moral, and this is Sima s noble morality. What. Please Sima receive the same worship, Forgive the Dash Diet Meal Plan shallowness before. Seeing Jin Juntong saluting him, Jing Que hurriedly avoided saying Taifu Yin please get up quickly, and how can you be respected by the king. After Jin Jun straightened his waist, seeing Jing Que had already left the table and avoided him, he immediately responded Of course Sima best diet for fast weight loss can afford to worship the king of heaven and earth, and worship his parents in the high hall. For people of high morality, Dash Diet Meal Plan he has always been a teacher. Treating each other with courtesy and Sima s trip are enough to be my teacher, so why not be a teacher Jing Que hea