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What Is The Keto Diet, Fat Burner Breastfeeding Diet, Weight Loss Tips For Men, LA Premier Group. ission. Zhu Ciran said Am I allowed to write on it Wang Tigan said Whatever you want, your highness will do. Zhu Ciran thought After thinking about it, he instructed on the edict I know. Xu Guangqi smiled, and Wang Ti said dryly His Royal Highness, now you have to send the edict to the official who executes it, or to Master Shoufu. Mr. Fu forwarded it. Zhu Ciran thought for a while and said This is for the Ministry of Railways, Mao Shangshu stepped forward to receive the edict. Mao Yuanyi stepped forward to receive Breastfeeding Diet the edict and shouted The minister accepts the order. The whole procedure is finished. At this time, Zhu Youxiao opened his eyes, looked at the ministers and workers who were looking at him, and smiled Actually, there is nothing difficult. After saying that, he stood up and walked to the side door. Wei Zhongxian gave Sun Chengzong a fierce look, and followed the emperor. After the emperor walked out of the hall, Sun Chengzong realized that his vest was soaked. He looked at Xu Guangqi, and Xu Guangqi was also looking at him. The two looked at the ministers, and they felt that their expressions were a little weird. There were envy, excitement, worry, or fanatical ambitions. He could take the place of persistence Wei Zhongxian followed the emperor and finally couldn t help it. Then he said, ketogenic diet epilepsy syndromes Holy Master, Sun Chengzong Zhu Youxiao waved his hand and said, Don t say bad things about him. Originally, I wanted to transfer power. My husband doesn t like to Breastfeeding Diet take power. Master Sun is suitable for this. The taste of power is to let it go. People are crazy. Wei Zhongxian said unwillingly The sage doesn t like power, why don t these officials follow the sage to go to school. Zhu Youxiao laughed I have always been in power, and I have never lost power, so I say now I don t like power. It s too early, but I m different from them. This difference is a difference that you can t understand. Follow me to the south and take a look Breastfeeding Diet at the water in the south. We put everything on our body and relax. Enjoy it. Wei Zhongxian paused and said, Holy Lord, the slaves and maids leave the capital again, so whoever comes to see these restless guys. Zhu Youxiao laughed and said, Who owns the military power I tell you, as long as easy way to burn fat best ketogenic hashtags the military power is there. In my hands, who can handle me in this world Don t you believe Breastfeeding Diet that Sun Chuanting and Lu Xiangsheng Wei Zhongxian thought for a while and said Of course these two servants and maidservants believe. Besides, Mr. Xu is still the first assistant. They can t get around anything. He goes. So the situation is still under the control of the Holy Spirit. Zhu Youxiao said I am willing to delegate power, but which powers to delegate and how to delegate powers are all decided by me. When I delegate powers, they can salk weight loss pill take over powers, but It s impossible to grab power. Whoever dares to grab it, Breastfeeding Diet I will let him know what regret is. At this time, the empress brought a group of people over, and after seeing the emperor saluting, Zhu Youxiao said Don t go, Burner The performance is very good, don t worry. Duan Ying stepped forward and said Your Majesty, the concubines stay, and take care of the prince. The queen said, Yes, let Sister Duan stay and take care of Ran er, so we can rest assured. South. Zhu Youxiao laughed and said You have a high martial arts skill, you can fight ten, but what s the use before the military formation Just talking Anti Obesity Medication Breastfeeding Diet Carbohydrate Blocker about martial arts, are you better than Master Huiming Better than a large group of monks in Shaolin Temple Don t worry about Ran er s safety. Firstly, the world is peaceful now. Secondly, I have arranged a perfect plan so that no one will be stupid enough to hurt Ran

simple fat loss dieter. Don t they fear the wrath of the emperor Next time Burning goes to Europe, do you have to follow along Zhang Yan s complexion improved a little, but she was very opinionated about the emperor s plan for Zhu Ciran to go to Europe. She didn t understand why the emperor wanted to send the prince to Europe. Even if he wanted to train the prince, he could be sent how to lose 4 lbs in 2 weeks to the army. Go, why run so far The Great Dynasty was over in the ministers worried and excited keto diet fat loss mood. After dealing with the daily affairs, everyone Breastfeeding Diet sent the prince away. After walking out of the hall, they were still talking. Sun Chengzong healthy day plan was in After coming to the cabinet with Xu Guangqi and others, they said How does Lord Shoufu think about today s matter Xu Guangqi said Your Majesty s decentralization is for the sincerity. Sun Chengzong was startled. Except Sun Chuanting, the other cabinet ministers also looked at Xu Guangqi in surprise. Xu Guangqi said Your Majesty has told me before. All future imperial edicts must go through the cabinet s countersignature, otherwise they will be regarded as invalid. I don t know that His Majesty has chosen this day to start implementation. Sun Chengzong was at a loss. He always thought this was a conspiracy, so he was angry and wanted to embarrass his majesty in the hall. It was something that his majesty had already decided if he didn t want to. Does his majesty really want to give power to the ministers Xu Guangqi continued I can only remind this sentence, so of course everyone understands that the power released by your majesty really Breastfeeding Diet wants us to follow. Although I still don t want to understand why Breastfeeding Diet your majesty wants to delegate power, let it go. It s better than concentrating power in the hands of your Majesty. But to be honest, although the power is in the hands of your majesty, but on weekdays, the ministers suggestions are all seriously considered, and your majesty will adopt it if he thinks it is good, and reject it if he thinks it is inappropriate. And every time your Majesty chooses, it has been proved by facts to be right. Sun Chengzong said Since it is clear, everyone must first pay attention to two points. One thing is that Breastfeeding Diet your Majesty is talking about civil affairs, so the military should what is alli weight loss pill never interfere. Second, since your Majesty has delegated power to us, we have to make good use of it sorbitol keto diet for personal gain. In addition to the supervision of lose 15 pounds a week Jin Yiwei and the Independent Commission Against Corruption, our cabinet should also conduct inspection and supervision. Otherwise, there will be a joke, but it will be a little bad. Everyone understands what he means is that the emperor will withdraw power at that time, and the possibility that the emperor will Breastfeeding Diet decentralize power will be greatly reduced in the future. Everyone s hearts are fierce, and at this time they just think about it. When power is available, there is no idea of what to do with power for a while, but this kind of thing will happen sooner or later, so Sun Chengzong must first establish a supervisory agency, which can deter Xiaoxiao and prevent problems before they happen. The war in the northwest progressed slowly, but Cao Bianjiao progressed rapidly, finally reaching Almaty, the capital of the Kazakh Khanate. The Kazakh Khanate will gather its troops in Almaty. This Breastfeeding Diet is already the last line of defense and must not be lost. The terrain of Almaty was steep. Even if the Ming army had artillery, it would be difficult to break its city walls. Cao Bianjiao naturally did not want to accumulate human lives, so both sides froze in and out of the city. The siege is a very troublesome thing for the attacking party, because after the weather is cold, it is d


lose-weight-in-breastfeeding ifficult to survive in the tents outside the city, especially for the army from the Ming country, although there are sufficient equipment Down jackets and duvets, but the kind of cold cannot be resisted by clothing alone. So beside the hill outside the city in Almaty, Cao Bianjiao led the Ming army to build another city Daming City. Daming City is mainly made of wood, and a kang Breastfeeding Diet is built in the lost 50 pounds 4 months room, so that when it is cold, the room is still warm as spring after the kang is burned. The Junggars seem to be totally unaffected by the severe cold, Breastfeeding Diet and they can resist winter with tents. However, after Cao Bianjiao entered Batur s big tent, and was driven out by the smell inside, he was never willing to enter the tent of Wasabi. The Minwa coalition forces were unable to encircle the entire Almaty regiment, but the people of the Kazakh Khanate were ketogenic diet plan to lose weight unable to drive them away, so various agricultural and commercial activities could not be carried out normally. This annoyed the people of the Kazakh Khanate. The Kazakh Khanate has no choice but to send people to negotiate with the Minwa coalition forces. After discussing with Batur, Cao Bianjiao felt that it was not worth the gains in this way. After consulting the country, he decided to negotiate with the Kazakh Khanate. The healthy day plan Ming court sent Li Delin as a wt loss in 7 days negotiator to live in the Kazakh Khanate for negotiations. Li Delin was instructed by the General Staff to aggressively demand compensation from the Kazakh Khanate. Although the Kazakhs have lost consecutive battles, the capital is safe and sound, and there is a bit of confidence in their hearts. It is okay to cede land, but there is no way to pay compensation. Li Delin got into his arms and agreed with the Kazakh Khanate that all the land of the original Junggar tribe should be returned, and a large area from the hot spring city best way to lose 30 pounds in 1 month to Tiekli was newly designated for Daming. Because there is no way for Daming to immigrate here, the place named Xining Prefecture is temporarily taken over by the Junggar people. The Kazakh Khanate agreed to allow Ming people to pass freely at the border with the Raksha Kingdom. Both parties were satisfied with this result. Batur regained the land of Junggar, which further increased his prestige in the tribe, and this piece of Daming The enclave is temporarily managed by the Junggar tribe, which is in fact the same place as the Junggar tribe. And the Kazakh Khanate just returned the annexed Junggar territory, and added a piece of land that did not produce much. There is nothing wrong with it. Daming Breastfeeding Diet got the nominal ownership of a piece of land, which seemed the least worthwhile, but Li Delin was very happy. Because what Ming valued was the name, this land is now under the escrow of the Junggar tribe. When it is to be recovered, disputes may arise. Then there will be an excuse to conquer the Junggar tribe. Cao Bianjiao s troops were ordered to rest and rehabilitate at Tiekli, build a military fortress, and then continue north when the weather warms up, where the troops from the North Navy District converge. Li Delin informed Cao Bianjiao about the current situation in the North Navy District. Cao Bianjiao heard that the army had reached a place several thousand miles west of the North Sea, and he was too anxious, Breastfeeding Diet for fear that the credit would be taken away by others. Li Delin smiled and said I heard from His Majesty that the place in the north is very big. In the end, it will continue to Breastfeeding Diet reach Europe. The credit is endless. Moreover, Breastfeeding Diet the General Staff is discussing the use of the name of the leader of the army. Named, we will soon see that there is a place called Bianjiao City. Cao Bianjiao smiled and

free weight loss plans onlinenodded. He had a fiery heart. He knew that the General Staff s plan was to tuna lose weight attack from two roads. He was the coach of South Road. Uncle is the coach of North Road. If the two cities are named after their uncles and nephews, then the ancestors of the Cao family will probably wake up laughing. Li Delin said again Xueshi Lu said, your main purpose is to be stable and not to let the Kazakh Khanate fall to the Raksha. One fortress was built to ensure the supply of food, even ketogenic creamer para que sirve if it is Breastfeeding Diet temporarily unfavorable, the future can be guaranteed. Worry free. His Majesty is planning to take this land larger than the Daming land within ten years. The General Staff is not confident enough. Only where the railway is repaired can we implement effective governance, according to the construction situation. Look, construction without interference will take at least Breastfeeding Diet ten years to reach ketogenic diet plan no dairy Breastfeeding Diet the Ural Mountains. Cao Bianjiao said After we leave the border of the Kazakh Khanate, we Breastfeeding Diet can choose the direction to attack at will, right Li Delin said, General Staff According to the Ministry, try to Anti Obesity Medication Breastfeeding Diet Carbohydrate Blocker go north as far as possible and join the North Navy District first. You will belong to the North Navy District when you arrive. I know you don t want to go north how to lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks and don t want to work under your uncle. Cao Bianjiao said I don t want people to gossip. It seems that I was promoted by my uncle. In fact, my uncle treats me more strictly than others, and I can t wait to suppress my credit. Li Delin said General Cao didn t want people to talk more, let s talk about it. It s not diet king easy for you to accumulate merits and get promoted. By the way, when I came this time, I heard that your aunt had already told you about a marriage. Relatives of the princess. Cao Bianjiao s complexion changed greatly Does my uncle know about this Li Delin laughed Your aunt Breastfeeding Diet can t help your uncle nod, Breastfeeding Diet how dare to make her own way. What are you w