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Keto Diet Foods, Breastfeeding Diet, Way To Lose Weight Fast Without Pills, Appetite Control. s. The four little girls were praised. They were naturally very happy. They squinted with joy and embarrassed to nest next to their father. Actually, because Yunjun is the monitor, everyone likes Yunyun, Xinxin, and Xuanxuan. Hearing Lin Wanqian s words, Xuan Xuan immediately answered Ha, the eldest sister also likes Cici, because Cici can paint. As he said, the door of the restaurant was pushed open, Sun Yifan and Xiao Yiqing walked in with Gang Yinger. After introducing each other, Li Yilin looked at Xiao Yiqing in surprise Wow, you are Xiao Yiqing. Xiao Yiqing smiled and nodded, and then said Don t tell me, we are all here to accompany the children. Li Yilin nodded immediately Okay, don t worry, I understand your difficulties, and I won t talk about it. Next, children and parents came one after another, and the restaurant became more and more lively. In order not to affect the restaurant s business, everyone walked out of the restaurant and started the day at everyone s playground. However, after the large group left, Aunt Chen came out to hold Yue Yi and said, Pay attention to that Li Yilin and keep a little distance. Yue Yi nodded earnestly and said, Don t worry, Aunt Chen, I know, I won t be too close to her, let alone there are children. Aunt Breastfeeding Diet Chen was quite relieved, nodded, and watched Yue Yi catch up with the team, and the group went into the playground together. Everyone played in the playground together. A group of children were playing very crazy. If it weren t for the parents, they would be there. I really can t manage it. And Li Yilin actually mingle with the children, and even a group of little girls regard her as a backer. Many times, when the little girls can t beat the little boys, they will pull Li Yilin to help them. The boys are very dissatisfied with this, Fang Xiaozhuang is always angry He said in a loud voice You guys, there are so many big sisters to help you. The little girls are naturally very happy. Shang Xiaodie said directly There is no way, who makes us girls. Shang Xiaodie said. It also made Fang Xiaozhuang very helpless, after all, Shang Xiaodie was also a little girl. However, Shang Xiaodie will be much older when he gets older, so in this case, the young boys are very helpless. Chu Yifan stood up at this time and said, But you still have Aunt Li to help, so that s Breastfeeding Diet a shame. Junjun stood up and said, Aunt Yilin is not married, so she is considered a little girl. Said that Yunjun s remarks really made sense, and Chu Yifan couldn t refute it for a while. Just when the little boys were unhappy, Yue Yi stood up in time and said, Okay, okay, it doesn t count this time. Next time, you won t be allowed to join Xiaodie Shang and big friend Li Yilin. When talking, the lose weight with breakfast smoothies little girls suddenly became unhappy, and felt that my aunt was clearly partial to the little Breastfeeding Diet boys. Dad, father, you are wrong, you can t help the little boys. Yeah, yes, you are our father, how can you help them Ha, father is bad, don t help us. By three The little girl keto diet start scolded Yue Yi a little bit dumbfounded. Obviously it s you guys, but now you say Dad is partial to others Li Yilin also stood up at the right time to help That s right, Dad should help us. Amidst the protests of a group of young boys and girls, Yue Yi was also a little big, feeling as if he was afraid to participate. A group of parents sat around and laughed, and no one wanted to come over and say something. It seems that parents are happy to see children making trouble, especially their aunts. In the keto chicken end, Yue Yi said helplessly Okay, okay, even if how to lose 10 pounds in 4 days the girls team wins this lap game, because you hired two big girls as foreign aid, you Breastfeeding Diet can only get half of the reward. Making Official Breastfeeding Diet 3x Potent such a verdict, although the children still had some opinions, they didn t say m

low fat lifestyleuch in the end as an approval. Yue Yi took a long sigh of relief, and then asked the children So, will you compare it next The boys were very unconvinced and shouted directly To compare, we will also ask Breastfeeding Diet foreign aid this time, and we will definitely win. Yue Yi admires a few young boys very much. They are clearly at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, but they losing weight for women are brave enough to challenge, and they are commendable. So he said to the boys Okay, in that case, you will choose the event of the competition this time. Several young boys got together and after a very serious discussion, Fang Xiaozhuang stepped forward and said, This what is the keto diet for weight loss time we will compete. Rowing. Competition rowing It s really bad for these little boys to figure it out, but boating is a bit dangerous lose weight drinking cucumber water for the children. Fang Dazhuang quickly stood up and said No, boating is too dangerous, and you We can t do it ourselves. Other parents also stepped ketogenic diet vegetarian recipes up and persuaded their children that boating would be dangerous. But the children are getting excited, so it is naturally impossible to stop there and vowed to go boating. Under a group of children shouting, In the end Li Yilin stood up and said, Well, let s take the family as a unit and have a family rowing competition, okay When I heard Li Yilin s words, the children suddenly felt very interesting, and they all yelled and wanted to play. But Shang Xiaodie suddenly looked at the senior sister Zhao Xiang who was accompanying her No, I only have me and senior sister. It s not fair Breastfeeding Diet Hearing Shang Xiaodie s words, Fang Xiaozhuang said immediately Hey hey, who made you cheat before You can t cheat this time. Shang Xiaodie was very unconvinced, but was pulled by Zhao Xiang and said softly Don t worry, as long as you listen to the senior sister s decision, you Breastfeeding Diet will win. Getting the assurance from the senior sister, Shang Xiaodie immediately felt confident, and looked at Fang Xiaozhuang and said, Boy, this time you will lose. Fang Xiaozhuang naturally responded unceremoniously I won t lose. My parents helped me. Finally everyone started to how to lose belly fat in 30 days at home take their homes as a unit and walked towards the dock not far away. After everyone boarded the ship, to Yue Yi s surprise, Li Yilin finally jumped on the boat of himself and his children. Seeing Li Yilin also came up. Yue Yi asked strangely Why are you here too Li Yilin said with a smile No way, everyone is a family, I have nowhere to go. Yue Yi turned his head to look are carrots keto and found that it was really a family, and there was a Lin Mo on Lin Tianwang s side. But then he pointed to Shang Xiaodie and the others In fact, you can go to them. Li Yilin smiled playfully I don t want it, I want to be with you, we are a family. As soon as the words fell, the three little girls on the boat immediately yelled, refusing to be in the same family with Li Yilin. It s not right, Aunt Yilin, you and we are not in the same family. Ah, yes, we are a family Breastfeeding Diet with our father and aunt. Ha, Aunt Yilin and father are not married. Li Yilin was not angry. Instead, he said with a smile Your aunt didn t come. Aunt Yilin replaced your aunt today. This sentence made Yue Yi feel a little bit dangerous, and he felt a little afraid to get too close with Li Yilin. Then, I heard Li Yilin continue to say to the children Let Aunt Yilin replace your aunt once today, OK The three little girls looked at each other, and then looked at their aunts, as if they didn t know how to answer Yue Yi finally said, The children s aunts cannot be replaced. You can be regarded as helping us win the game, but you can t replace their aunt. The words are very straightforward, Breastfeeding Diet and the three little girls nodded too. Agree. Yes, yes, you can t replace your aunt, you can just help us compete. Yeah, yes, yes, you are Aunt Yilin, Breastfeeding Diet not Breastfeeding Diet your aunt.


Breastfeeding Diet

quick-and-easy-healthy-dinner-recipes Ha, you can t replace your aunt, you can only Competition. Seeing this family are so stubborn, Li Yilin opened his hands and said, Okay, then I won t replace it. Then he how to lose weight on your stomach without exercise pointed to other people and said, Oh look, everyone has run so far. The little girls were immediately diverted, and they turned to see that the boats of the little friends had sailed far away. No, Dad, Dad, let s set sail quickly, or we won t be able to catch up with them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, hurry up, hurry up, we have best way to lose your stomach fat to set sail, hurry up. Ha, come on Click to start. Seeing that the little girl was aroused by Li Yilin s eagerness to win, Yue Yi reluctantly calmed down Okay, you all do it well, you do it well, so that Dad can row the boat well. The little girl was also very obedient. Sit down, and then Yue Yi began to slowly row the boat to chase the lake. Before sailing, the fathers actually Breastfeeding Diet regarded themselves as well known helmsmen. Every father s theory is a set, as if he were all rowers. But after it was actually launched, when the ship was slowly pushed out of the Breastfeeding Diet dock, everyone instantly showed their original shape. Most ships can only spin in place, even if they can move forward slightly, their speed is very slow. A group of children who were full of expectations are of course disappointed at this time. Dad, it s wrong for you. You can t always row on the side. The boat won t move like this. Chu Yifan stood on the boat like a little adult and began to command his parents seriously. Yes, mom, you have to paddle on the other side and work hard on both of you, yes, that s it. Oh, mom, you used too lightly, dad, don t use so much effort. In Chu Yi Under Fan s command, what was surprising was that their boat actually turned crookedly. As for the other boats, it is obviously not that easy. Although the children are very anxious, the parents are helpless. Fang Xiaozhuang shouted in a loud voice Come on, come on, come on, dad, come on, come on, dad, come on, come on, dad. Fang Dazhuang was so tired and panting, but the boat didn t move forward. It was Breastfeeding Diet really hard. Oh, I, I can t do it anymore, why don t you try it with my wife Qin Yantong put his hands on his chest and said dismissively Who just said that he must do it Fang Dazhuang His face flushed Breastfeeding Diet instantly, and he couldn t speak for a long time. After holding back Breastfeeding Diet for a long time, he could only say I didn t expect it to be so difficult. Qin Yantong said solemnly, I know it is difficult now What did you do just now Teach. Then, Qin Yantong put Take the oars and start rowing on one side, then immediately go to the other side. As the two sides interlaced rhythmically, the boat moved slowly and began to move forward little by little. When Fang Xiaozhuang saw this, he immediately clapped his hands happily Moved, moved, mother is so great, mother is so great. Fang Dazhuang also did not Breastfeeding Diet expect that his wife could row a boat, and to lose one pound a week how many calories she seemed to losing weight for women be very skilled. After rowing for a while, Qin Yantong was already sweating profusely. After all, rowing in the summer was really tired. Qin Yantong threw the oars to Fang Dazhuang and said, Have you seen Did you learn Then you come. Fang Dazhuang naturally took the oars and started to learn how to do it on the low calorie mixed drinks left and right. At the beginning, the ship didn t move forward, it still turned around. However, under Qin Yantong s guidance, Fang Dazhuang gradually grasped the rhythm, and the boat began to move forward slowly. Among all the children and parents, it is natural that Zhao Xiang is the best. As she promised Shang Xiaodie, she really knows how to row a boat, and she has first class skills. Paddling the oars from left to right, the boat moved forward quickly, fast and very smoothly. Seeing most of the people thrown off, Shang Xiaodie clapped his hand

how can i lose weight fast in 2 weekss happily Oh, my dear sister, you are really amazing. Zhao Xiang smiled and Breastfeeding Diet said, Hahaha, you forgot about sister. Where is your hometown Shang Xiaodie thought for a while and said, Oh, yes, you said, Sister, your hometown is by the water, and you have been on a boat since childhood. Zhao Xiang nodded, Yes, I used to I followed my family to go fishing and picking lotus, so Breastfeeding Diet boating is actually very simple for my sister. The two sisters were chatting, and suddenly they heard a voice next to them Yes, the children who grew up by the md weight loss water are really amazing. Shang Xiaodie immediately heard the voices of the three little guys, and they were very triumphant. Hehehe, Sister Xiaodie, we are catching up with you, and we are Breastfeeding Diet going to surpass you soon. Ah, sister Xiaodie, our dad can also row, and it s great. Ha, Dad surpassed them, we It s faster than them. Shang Xiaodie turned to look and saw that Yue Yi was actually using the sculls together, quickly rowing the boat to catch up. Zhao Xiang was a little surprised when he saw Yue Yi s sculls rowing together keto coffee tim hortons Auntie is really a master. Shang Xiaodie asked strangely, Sister, is sculls rowing very good Zhao Xiang nodded, Yes, Very powerful, because the two oars must have the same strength in both arms. Look carefully, are your aunt s arms swinging neatly Because if the strength is inconsistent, the boat will not move forward, and the strength is too strong. No, it s not possible if the power is too small, it s very difficult. Although Zhao Xiang can row, but he is only single oars, not Yue Yi s double oars. Seeing Yue Yi s boat getting more and more Breastfeeding Diet Fast, about to surpass, Shang Xiaodie hurriedly said Senior sister, come on, come on. Zhao Xiang actually wanted to work hard too, but it was a pity that he did not have Yue Yi s strength, and was eventually surpassed. In the end, it was true that Yue Yi won, because Zhao Xiang, the only one who could have speed, could not match him. As for the other companies, most of them can only Breastfeeding Diet rotate in place, even if Breastfeeding Diet they can move forward very slowly. Yue Yi slowed down, and slowly waited for Zhao Xiang s boat to catch up, and unexpectedly saw Lin Wenhan s boat follow. Seeing Lin Wanqian, the three little girls were naturally very happy and waved to greet Lin Wanqian. Cici, you are so amazing, you can actually catch up. Yeah, Cici, look over here, we are here. Ha, look at the opposite Cici. I heard three friends. Lin Wanqian looked at the voice naturally, but there was no smile on her face. It could be seen that Lin Wanqian seemed a little scared, especially when she sat there when the ship was shaking, she did not dare to move. Lin Wenhan was also a little helpless, so she comforted her daughter while Official Breastfeeding Diet 3x Potent rowing, but her daughter was still very scared. Seeing that Lin Wanqian was keto beginner guide scared, Yue Yi said to the children Let s move closer, and you can comfort Cici together. The three little guys also naturally nodded their heads and agreed, and asked her aunt to hurry over. Yue Yi rowed the secret ways to lose weight fast boat slowly closer, and slowly moved the two boats together, the waves swayed and both boats shook. Lin Wanqian was even more scared when she was wearing the dress, subconsciously she wanted to stand up and plunge into her father s arms. Fortunately, Lin Mo hugged her in time, and Breastfeeding Diet the little girl didn t fall into the water because of the shaking. The three little guys from the Su family stood up and tried to jump onto another boat. When Yue Yi saw this, he hurriedly stopped. Li Yilin also stretched out his hand to hold the ketogenic girl instagram little guys and said Don t jump over like this, it s dangerous. Yue Yi also nodded and said, Yes, don t jump over, it s very dangerous. You can comfort Qian here. Qian. Don t be afraid of Qian Qian, it s okay, your father is here, and sis