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Posted on 2020-08-22

Ayurvedic Diet, Weightlost, Biggest Discount What Is The Keto Diet, Ayurvedic Diet. f greenery around the Best Weight Loss Ayurvedic Diet Best Ketone Weight Loss Supplement pond. You don t need to work in the sun, but it s a lot better. The three little girls squatted by the bucket and watched the fish for a while, then turned to look at the busy aunt in the pond. Dad, will you be very hard How about you rest for Ayurvedic Diet a while. Ah, dad take a rest, look at your sweaty head. Ha, dad come take a rest and sit down. When the three little girls greeted, Yue Yi walked to the pond with a smile, and gently jumped to sit by the pond. He removed the rubber gloves from his hands, and touched the daughters who came closer and said Wait for Dad The pond is cleaned up. Next year we can plant lotus root in the pond so that we can see lotus in summer. The little girls were immediately happy when they heard it, but after thinking about it, they didn t seem to have seen lotus. Dad, dad, what does lotus look like Ah, isn t it the kind that opens in water, a big one, white, white and red Ha, it s a big flower floating on the water. Yue Yi smiled and replied Yes, it s the kind, also called lotus, which grows long stems from the water, and then spreads a layer of large green lotus leaves on the water, and then blooms one by one. Big white, foods to burn fat white and red flowers. Hearing this, the three little girls immediately became happy and clamored to ask my aunt to plant the lotus quickly. Dad, then plant the lotus quickly so we can see it. Ah, hurry up and plant it, let s plant it with Dad. Ha, plant flowers, plant flowers together. Yue Yi responded with a smile It can t do it now. The weather is hot and it s not suitable for planting. I can only plant it next year. However, we clean up the pond now, and we can plant lotus flowers more easily next year. Thinking of this, Yue Yi suddenly thought of a story about lotus, and told the children. Listen. When my aunt told the story, the three little girls naturally all sat down and listened very seriously. The story that Yue Yi told recipes under 300 calories the children is naturally the story of Nezha. There are similar legends in this Ayurvedic Diet world, but the story is not structured. After Yue Yi s adaptation, Ayurvedic Diet the story became more interesting, and the three little girls listened with gusto. When Nezha hanged himself, the three little girls suddenly shed tears. No, no, Yunyun don t want to die. Yeah, Xinxin don t want to die. Ha, no, don t die. Seeing the three little girls crying, Yue Yi quickly calmed and said Don Ayurvedic Diet t be afraid, in fact, weight loss nutritionist Nezha won t die easily. Then Yue Yi continued, speaking of the Taiyi real person who used lotus root Ayurvedic Diet to recreate Nezha s body. The three little girls happily clapped their hands and felt very happy for Nezha to be resurrected. After listening to a story, the little girls really felt a little unfinished, and felt that Nezha was really amazing. Talk about a mythTalk about such a familyThis couple Born a strange baby Later, Yue Yi sang Nezha songs from another life s memory and heard three little girls It is very interesting. After listening to it, the three little girls also sang keto biscuit recipe in harmony, and a song suddenly sounded by the small pond. It s him, it s him, it s him, it s him Our friend L

best thing to do to lose weightittle Nezha Ayurvedic Diet Ha, it s him, it s him, it s him, it s him, the young hero Little Nezha Three little girls, you say me. While singing the song his aunt taught them, while squatting in the pond to watch his aunt work. The grandmothers who had Ayurvedic Diet brought snacks and green bean tea were taken aback when they heard the singing of the Ayurvedic Diet three little need to lose weight in a week girls. The lyrics sounded a bit strange, if it weren t for Yue Yi s precedent for creating nursery rhymes, I m afraid it would really surprise the grandma. Yue Yi s mother couldn t help asking, Hey hey, three little babies, what are you doing here Hearing the voice of grandma after the song, the three little girls immediately stood up and greeted them. After pulling up the song, grandma came to the bucket and pointed to the fry in their buckets. Look at Grandma Empress, we re guarding the little fish. Yeah, yes, we have to guard the little fish, and we can t let them be caught. Ha, guard the little fish. Grandma Empress Ge Looking down at the little fry in the bucket, he couldn t help but smile and diet ginger ale said, Hehehe, our little babies are really capable. At this time, the beautiful grandma of the children also came over, put down the little snack and asked That What was the song you sang just now Pretty grandma, that song is Nezha s song. Yeah, yes, it s Nezha s song. Ha, young hero Little Nezha. The two grandma looked at each other. I don foods you can eat a lot of and lose weight t understand what this lose abdomen fat Nezha is all about. To talk about Fengshen acting The book of Yi, the two grandmothers are not unfamiliar, but I haven t heard of any song by Xiao Nezha Seeing the two grandmothers puzzled, the three little girls dragged the two grandmothers, and you talked about the story told by my aunt. Little Nezha is amazing. When he lose weight with meaning was born, he was a ball of meat, Ayurvedic Diet which was split by his father with a sword. Yeah, yes, later Xiao Nezha followed Taiyi real person to learn art. There are Huntianling and Qiankun circle. It s amazing. Ha, I killed the son of the Dragon King, and pulled the dragon tendons out as a belt. After a pause, Xuan Xuan quickly added Ha, the son of the Dragon King is bad. The two grandmothers thought it was very interesting, so they simply sat down by the pond and listened to the three little girls talking about Nezha. The story of Nezha was also written in the Fengshen Kingdom, but it seems that what the three little girls said is different from that in the Fengshen Kingdom. Listening to the three little girls, you and I said what is eating keto each other. Both grandma felt very surprised and found that the stories told by the little girls were very interesting. The key is that in Nezha s story, many other new characters are mixed to make the story more full. For example, Shiji Empress, and other strange characters, seem to be completely different from those in The Romance of the Gods. Speaking of the children s fight, the three Ayurvedic Diet little Ayurvedic Diet girls couldn t remember, so they hurried to ask their aunt who worked. Then after the aunt s reminder, the little girls continued to tell the two grandma. The two grandmothers were happy to hear that they felt that the story was really ad


weight-loss-calculator-after-gastric-sleeve apted and very interesting. When the three little girls finished speaking, the grandmother after the song asked with a smile This story of yours, is diet ginger ale father telling you again The little girls said, Yes, it was Dad who said it, but Dad didn t finish it. The pretty grandmother said afterwards That father is Ayurvedic Diet really a badass, why don t you finish telling the story to our little babies The three little girls hurriedly defended their aunts. No, Dad has to work, so I can t keep talking. Yeah, yes, Dad has to clean the pond and plant lotus flowers for us. Ha, I can see many beautiful lotus flowers next summer. After listening to the little girl s words, Yang Yuqing smiled and said to Lu Jinxiu Look, the little guys are all protecting your son. Lu Jinxiu also smiled suddenly and said Yeah, isn t it your son in law who maintains it Half a son in law. Yang Yuqing suddenly laughed at what her mother in law said, and then turned to ask Yue Yi You made up this story Yue Yi put down strict diet the shovel in his hand, nodded and said, Yes, ha ha haWritten according to Nezha in the Story of Fengshen. The mother in law thought for a Ayurvedic Diet while and said This story is quite interesting, don t you plan to make an animation Yue Yi smiled and said, Well, Mom s proposal is very good, I will talk to the company. The mother stretched out her hand and gave her son a thump What are you talking about Do you want to do animation or not just a word Rubbing his head, Yue Yi said helplessly Mom, the company also wants to make money, not at a loss. The mother raised her hand again Your kid is good enough. If you let you do it, there is so much nonsense The three little girls also learned everything, standing by the pond and shouting to their aunt. Daddy wants to listen to grandma, and Yunjun wants to watch cartoons too. Ah, father listened to grandma s words and made it quickly. Ha, father wants to come on. The three little guys and the two grandmothers sang and made peace, making Yue Yi a little bit dumbfounded. After thinking about it, he nodded and agreed Well, turn around, Dad will talk to your aunt Miaomiao. The three little guys were naturally happy, clapping their hands and continuing to sing. It s him, it s him, it s him, it s him. The children sang as Yue Yi continued to clean up the mud in the pond, while the two mothers accompanied them. With the child. The family is really very happy. As for Su Linglu, she walked out with her pregnant belly. She found a chair and sat down, looking at the people by the pond weight loss app get paid from keto donuts recipe a distance, with a smile on her face. Seeing her aunt came outThe little girls rushed to the aunt s side again. Su Linglu hugged the three little girls and smiled and said, Why are you so happy Did my aunt tell you a new story Ayurvedic Diet again Yes, yeah, aunt, dad told another interesting story. Ah, foods to help burn fat from belly do you know Nezha, Auntie Ha, it s him, it s him, it s him, it s him, young hero, little Nezha. Xuan Xuan sang even more directly, making Su Ayurvedic Diet Linglu confused. But she still replied Auntie knows Nezha, it s Fengshen Kingdom, is it different from Dad Then the little guys told their aunt s story

food for dieting to reduce the weight to their aunt again, and Su Linglu was also very interested. In the process of telling the story, time passed without knowing it, Ayurvedic Diet and the silt in the pond had not stubborn belly fat diet been cleaned up yet. The well fed Aunt Chen came out and said, Alright, alright, come back for dinner keto flux ketogenic formula reviews first. First helped Ayurvedic Diet Su Linglu into the house, Yue Yi also climbed onto the pond, took off his rubber boots and rubber pants. Walked to the little girls, pulled the children up and said, Okay, let s go home for dinner. Right. Amidst the singing of the little girls, they walked into the Su s small building together. After lunch, Yue Yi continued to clean up the small pond, and the children naturally followed. What made the children strange was that my aunt took The dark mud was cleared from the pond and all piled back in the pond. But this time it was piled in a corner on the side of clinic to lose weight harnett couty the small pond, and a small dam was built with wooden boards to trap the mud. Dad, Dad, Why are you that smelly mud Haven t thrown it away yet Ah, what smells like, why is the mud piled up there Ha, it smells bad, and Dad has become smelly too. Yue Yi continued to fix Best Weight Loss Ayurvedic Diet Best Ketone Weight Loss Supplement the small dam and circled all the mud in the corner. Then turned around and smiled and said to the children This mud is a treasure, you can t throw it away. We must plant lotus in the mud Fixed the small dam, climbed up from the Ayurvedic Diet pool, and brought the sprouted lotus seeds prepared in advance. The three little girls grabbed their aunt s arms and stretched their heads to see the sprouted lotus seeds in the small bowl. Yue Yi lowered his hands so that the little girls could clearly see the sprouting lotus seeds. Dad, are these the lotus seeds Ah, it looks so cute. Ha, it looks like a tadpole. Hearing the words of the three little girls, they responded with a smile Yes, these were bought by father in advance. Look, these seeds have sprouted, and then we will plant them in the smelly mud. When the little girls heard this, they immediately took hold of my aunt to prevent my aunt from planting the seeds in the smelly mud. Don t don t, Dad, don t, the stinky mud, you can t plant lotus in it. Of. Ah, yes, if planted there, the lotus la weight loss food chart will die and become smelly. Ha, it s not allowed to plant there, it s not good over there. Seeing the appearance of the three little guys, Yue Yi couldn t help laughing and saying Ayurvedic Diet Hahaha, in fact, there is nothing, the mud is not dirty. The lotus is grown out of silt and not stained, so it must be planted in that silt. And my aunt has already processed the soil. You can smell it in the past, but it doesn t smell. The three little girls were skeptical, and clung to their aunt s hand holding the seeds, and followed her to the side where the silt was piled up. After careful sniffing, the three little guys suddenly found that it seemed that those piled up there. The how to lose 2lbs in one day mud on the side of the pond does not smell. Hey, it doesn t seem to be smelly. Ah, it doesn t smell anymore. Dad didn t lie to us. Ha, it doesn t smell anymore, then the seeds can be planted. Seeing the Ayurvedic Diet little girls let go, Yue Yi jumped out of the pond and began to